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Q: What are the 3 most important gases in the troposphere?
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Summarize the components of Stratosphere and Troposphere?

Components of troposphere:1. Gases.2. Vapors.3. Clouds.4. Dust particles.Components of stratosphere:1. Traces of gases2. Ozone layer3. Gravity waves4. Bacteria

What are the 3 most common elements that make up the gases in out earths atmosphere?

These gases are nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

What are the Dominant Atmospheric Gases for Earth?

I believe the 3 most dominant gases of our atmosphere are nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane

What is the 3 most abundant gas in the atmosphere?

These gases are nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

What 3 compounds come out of volcanoes which are gases?

The most notable gases that come out of volcanoes are sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Do people live in the thermosphere or inner layer of the atmosphere?

3 3/10 / 3/8

What is the atmoshere?

The atmosphere protects us tons of ways but here are most important ones. 1) It protects from sun rays because we would all be dead right now. 2) It helps airplanes because the Troposphere (the layer we are in) is the only layer that has weather so airplanes go up higher to the Stratosphere (layer on top of us) 3)It burns up asteroids before they touch down to Earth. 4) It lets us breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are in order from bottom to top the five layers of atmosphere?


Do all elements combine together?

No, they don't. Most of the noble gases barely react at all, and only then with 3 or 4 elements at most.

What are the 3 most important people in France?

me,me, and me!

What were the three most important incidents in Thomas Edison's life?

the 3 most important advances are:1.his life 2.his inventions 3.N/A

What are the four major layers in Earths Atmosphere?

the answer is thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, and the troposphere