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Head-on collisions are the most violent type of auto accident. Practice the 4 Rs:

-- read the road ahead
-- reduce your speed
-- drive to the right
-- ride off the road if necessary

A driver who's coming head-on toward you in your lane may "wake-up" and realize they've crossed into your lane, and then correct their error by heading to your left, or back into their proper lane. So, drive RIGHT and off the road if necessary. Don't swerve left.

This article includes copyrighted material from the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course and their annual publication Accident Facts, with their permission. This information highlights examples of safety precautions you can consider to help protect yourself, others, and your personal property. This list is not meant to be all encompassing. Moreover, a particular precaution may not be effective in all circumstances.

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2009-12-06 21:52:49
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Q: What are the 4Rs in the technique the National Safety Council has developed to help avoid head-on collisions?
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