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Q: What are the 4 areas in which energy is used?
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Where can solar energy be effectively used?

Solar energy can be effectively used in desert areas.

Energy source can be used in the greatest number of areas?

solar energy

Which energy source can be used in the greatest number of areas?

solar energy

What heating and cooling is popularly used now in some areas?

Geothermal energy is used in some areas.

Which source of energy is used in coastal areas?

moving water

In what places is Wind Energy successfully used?

Wind Energy is successfully used in western areas or farms or flat lands

How could geothermal energy source used?

Geothermal power can only be used in some areas.

What percent of the resource is used in different areas for nuclear energy?

What resource are you thinking of, and which different areas? I am struggling somewhat to understand the question

What is the origin of wind energy source?

Wind energy can be caused by air molecules being moved from cooler areas with slower air particles, to warmer areas with faster particles. Wind can also be used to make energy, for example, windmills use this energy to motorize power. Therefore, wind energy can be used and is caused by moving particles.

How is nuclear energy used in science?

Nuclear energy is used in science in three general areas. We rely on nuclear technology in a number of areas of medicine. We also use nuclear energy to generate power. There are also research applications where nuclear physics is applied to learn and understand more about the subatomic world.

Where is a source of hydropower energy commonly used?

Usually in geographical areas with mountains and a lot of rainfall.

Argue that geothermal energy should be the main energy source for the US What argument could be used to dispute this idea?

Geothermal power can only be used in some areas (apex)