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Q: What are the 5 W's of the Trojan war?
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What are 5 facts about Athena?

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war. Athena tried to stop the Trojan war. She ws born right out of zeus`s head, but her mother was Metis (a titan) Her favorite city is Athens

The 5 ws questioning are?

The 5 ws are: who what why when where.

What war was the Trojan Horse part of?

The Trojan War

Was the Trojan war a surprise?

The Trojan War was a surprise.

Who was sirion in the Trojan war?

There was no Sirion in the Trojan War.

What war was the Trojan horse built?

The Trojan War.

What is the poem that is about Trojan war?


Was Dionysus part of the Trojan war?

No he was not part of the Trojan War

Was Nike in the Trojan war?

No, she was not mentioned in the accounts of the Trojan War.

The lliad and the odyssey describe events related to which war?

the Trojan war because the poems talk about the war heros in the Trojan war.

What happens to Patroclus after the Trojan war?

he was killed during the trojan war.

Impact of Trojan war?

After the Trojan war all of the trojans were killed

Which side win the Trojan war?

The Greek won the Trojan war

Why Did the Romans fight in the Trojan war?

They didn't . They came after the Trojan War.

Did the Romans fight in the Trojan war?

They didn't . They came after the Trojan War.

Who did the war start between the Trojan war?

The Trojan war was the Greeks against the Trojans

The Iliad is about what?

The Trojan War and the Trojan Horse

How did Alexander the great get into the Trojan war?

Sorry, Alexander was never in the Trojan War. That came far before his time. The Trojan war was between the Trojan and Mycenea... Alexander was Macedonian.

When did Achilles leave the Trojan war and when did he return to the Trojan war?

Achilles was killed during the Trojan War, so he didn't return home.

Who is Jason's love in the Trojan War?

Jason wasn't a participant in the Trojan War.

Was there a Trojan War?

Yes there was a Trojan war. The ruins of the Troy have been found.

How did the Trojan war affect troy?

Troy was burned to the ground after the Trojan War.

What is the theme of Trojan war?

trojan war is the story about the to lovers paris and helen.

What is different about the Trojan and Persian wars?

why is the Trojan war and the Persian war different

Who were the participants of the Trojan war?

the participants were rome and trojan