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Q: What are the Advantages of fisheries over aquaculture?
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What has the author S Ayyappan written?

S. Ayyappan has written: 'Handbook of fisheries and aquaculture' -- subject(s): Fisheries, Aquaculture, Handbooks, manuals

What has the author Lahsen Ababouch written?

Lahsen Ababouch has written: 'Fisheries, sustainability and development' -- subject- s -: Fisheries, Sustainable aquaculture, Fishery management

What is WorldFish Center's motto?

WorldFish Center's motto is 'To reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture'.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of aquaculture?

Advantages are: Sustainability, Consistency, Demand, Economy, Environment.

What has the author Thiraphan Bhukaswan written?

Thiraphan Bhukaswan has written: 'Management of Asian reservoir fisheries' -- subject(s): Fishery management 'Role of SEAFDEC in fisheries development in Southeast Asia' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Fisheries, Research, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center

Average rainfall the coral reefs receive?

"Precipitation is on average 160-230 cm/year," (Fisheries and Aquaculture Department).

What has the author Paolo Accadia written?

Paolo Accadia has written: 'The operational units approach for fisheries management in the Mediterranean Sea' -- subject(s): Congresses, Fisheries, Statistics, Aquaculture, Fishery management

What are four ways fisheries can managed for a sustainable yield?

managing fisheries for a sustainable yield includes setting fishing limits, changing fishing methods, developing aquaculture techniques, and finding new resources.

What has the author Brad Pierce written?

Brad Pierce has written: 'The timber industry in interior Alaska' -- subject(s): Forest products industry, Lumber trade 'Aquaculture in Alaska' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Mariculture, Salmon fisheries

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inland fishery?

Advantages n disadvantages of inland fisheries

How many anglers in the world?

According to FAO statistics, the total number of commercial fisherman and fish farmers is estimated to be 38 million. Fisheries and aquaculture provide direct and indirect employment to over 500 million people.

Advantages of aquaculture?

provides to be less harmful to the ecosystem than a few fishing techniques

What has the author Herminio R Rabanal written?

Herminio R. Rabanal has written: 'Seafarming as alternative to small-scale fishing in ASEAN region' 'History of aquaculture' 'Survey of possibilities and recommendations for development of brackish water fish production' -- subject(s): Fisheries, Economic conditions, Fish-culture 'Aquaculture extension services review' -- subject(s): Government policy, Aquaculture, Aquaculture stations

What has the author Madelon Green Mottet written?

Madelon Green Mottet has written: 'Factors leading to the success of Japanese aquaculture, with an emphasis on northern Japan' -- subject(s): Aquaculture 'A review of the fishery biology and culture of scallops' -- subject(s): Scallop culture, Scallop fisheries, Scallops 'A review of the fishery biology of scallops' -- subject(s): Scallop culture, Scallop fisheries, Scallops 'A review of the fishery biology of abalones' -- subject(s): Abalone culture, Abalone fisheries, Abalones 'The fishery biology and market preparation of sea cucumbers' -- subject(s): Holothurians 'Enhancement of the marine environment for fisheries and aquaculture in Japan' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Artificial reefs, Fish habitat improvement, Fish-culture, Fishery management, Mariculture 'Research problems concerning the culture of clam spat and seed' -- subject(s): Clam culture, Clams, Larvae

What has the author Gregory J Anderson written?

Gregory J. Anderson has written: 'A guide to Manila clam aquaculture in Puget Sound' -- subject(s): Manila clam, Aquaculture, Clam fisheries 'Iron physiology and pathophysiology in humans' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Iron in the body, Iron

What is disadvantage of aquaculture?

what are some disadvantages of aquaculture

What has the author H D Kumar written?

H. D. Kumar has written: 'Modern Concepts of Microbiology' 'Genomics and Cloning' 'Sustainability and Management of Aquaculture and Fisheries' 'Environmental Technology and Biosphere Management'

What has the author Yung-Cheng Shang written?

Yung-Cheng Shang has written: 'Aquaculture economics' -- subject(s): Aquaculture industry 'Follow-up programmes on economics of aquaculture in the South China Sea region' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Economic aspects of Aquaculture 'Aquaculture economic analysis' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Aquaculture industry, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Aquaculture 'Freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) production in Hawaii' -- subject(s): Economic aspects of Shrimp culture, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, Shrimp culture 'Economics of various management techniques for pond culture of finfish' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Fish-culture, Fish-culture 'The production of threadfin shad as live bait for Hawaii's skipjack tuna fishery' -- subject(s): Economic aspects of Fish-culture, Fish-culture, Threadfin shad, Tuna fisheries

What is aquaculture all about?

i believe that aquaculture is about water and marine life i think this because of the name aquaculture and aqua is water.

When was Aquaculture International created?

Aquaculture International was created in 1993.

How can you use aquaculture in a sentence?

Aquaculture means raising food in an underwater "farm." Here are some sentences.We raised enough food by aquaculture to last for the winter.He tried aquaculture, but he couldn't make the plants grow.They raised seaweed by aquaculture.

What has the author Daniel Jakobsson written?

Daniel Jakobsson has written: 'Fisheries, aquaculture, and marine mammals' -- subject(s): Protection, Government policy, Marine ecology, Fishery policy, Marine mammals, Mariculture, Research

What has the author Daniel Stechey written?

Daniel Stechey has written: 'Aquaculture wastewater treatment' -- subject(s): Aquaculture industry, Effect of water quality on, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Aquaculture industry, Environmental aspects of Fish culture, Fish culture, Fishes, Purification, Sewage, Sewage disposal, Trout industry, Waste disposal, Water quality management, Water-supply, Water treatment plants, Fish-culture, Recycling, Trout fisheries

What has the author Alice E Exner written?

Alice E. Exner has written: 'Aquaculture, economics and marketing' -- subject(s): Aquaculture, Aquaculture industry, Bibliography, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Aquaculture

What are the branches of the Marines?

A few of the many are: Marine Ethology, Coral Taxonomy, Micro Biology, Marine Mammology, Icthyology, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Deep Sea ecology, Marine Herpetology, Marine Ornithology, Marine Invertebrate zoology.