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Freedom for their country from the oppresive Spanish and French government

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Where do the Basques live?

The Basques live in the mountains of northern Spain and southwestern France.

Which country are the Basque people trying to achieve independence from?

The countries are: France and Spain. The liberation fight that was now quit and originates from the group ETA has focused on Spain rather than France, because the majority of the basques live in spain and also the politics in Spain and France are rather different regarding the question of the basques.

Who Live in Spain?

Spaniards and Basques.

What is the goal of Basques in northeastern Spain?

The current goal of the Basques is mostly complete autonomy from Spain (independence, since they are already quite autonomous).

Ethnic group that has lived in Spain for the longest time?

The answer is the Basques.

Which country did jai alai originate?

Jai Alai originated on the Iberian peninsula in Spain. It was the Basques from the southern section of Spain who created it and it is the Basques who remain the outstanding players of the sport, wherever it is played.

Where do Basques live?

They live in the Pyrenees Mountains which is on the border of Spain and France.

What is the goal of some Basques in northeastern Spain?

finger your agina then talk to me

What is the name of the main concentration camp to which Spain and Germany deported thousands of Basques to die?

The name of the main concentration camp to which Spain and Germany deported thousands of Basques to die is the Gurs internment camp.

Where in Spain and France do the Basques live?

The Basques people live in a region that is located around the western end of the Pyrenees on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, This region straddles North-Central Spain and South-Western France.

Indigenous groups of Spain?

According to Wikipedia the only indigenous group in Spain are the Basques. See the related link.

What religious group of people held Spain for over 700 years?


Basques are groups of people who live primarily in the northern foothills of what country?

Spain and France.

What is an ethnic group found in the Pyrenees Mountains who desire a state independent of Spain?

The Basques

Where do basques people live?

The Basque Country, an area in NE Spain and SW France.

Is there a lot of terrorism in Spain and if so who are the terrorists?

Spain has a problem with the Basques who want indipendence, and there have been attacks by Muslims however Spain is a very safe country.

Who are the people in Spain who want their own nation?

Spain has separatist movements among the Basques in the north and west and among the Catalans in the northeast.

What is the US trying to accomplish in Iraq and did they accomplish this?

Trying to make it a better life.

What has the author Daniele Conversi written?

Daniele Conversi has written: 'The Basques, the Catalans, and Spain' -- subject(s): Ethnic identity, Nationalism, Autonomy and independence movements, History, Basques, Catalans

Which people in Spain speak Euskara?

The Basque people. Euskara is the Basque word for Basque.

Who are the Spanish separatist group trying to make their region an independent country?

they are called the Basques

What was the KKK trying to accomplish from how did KKK impact the us?

they were trying to accomplish many things

Why do Irishmen look like northern Spaniards?

Alot of Irish people are genetically related to the Basques of Northern Spain.

Where would you find people who speak basques?

Basque speakers are concentrated throughout the southwestern corner of France and Spain.

What were the british trying to accomplish?


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