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Q: What are the Busiest VA Emergency Room?
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What is the average wait time at the Montefire Medical Center's emergency room?

The wait time at the Montefire Medical Center's emergency room varies greatly depending on urgency of the matter. However, Montefire Medical Center is renown for being one of the busiest hospitals that minimizes emergency room wait time.

Where do emergency room doctors work?

In the emergency room.

what means er?

Emergency room Emergency Room

When was The Emergency Room created?

The Emergency Room was created in 2007.

What kind of doctor is at the emergency room?

It can be called an emergency room doctor or it can be called and Emergency physician.

What is the purpose of an emergency room?

The purpose of an emergency room is to get emergency treatment for people who are sick or injured. When people have car wrecks or other accidents, the emergency room saves their lives.

What ER stand for?

ER stands for Emergency Room

Do you capitalize emergency room in a sentence?

If you're referring to "The" emergency room rather than "An" emergency room, you can consider it a proper noun and capitalize it. In general it is not capitalized.

Do you capitalize emergency room in the middle of a sentence?

No, not unless you use ER which is short for emergency room.

What actors and actresses appeared in Va-Room Service - 1966?

The cast of Va-Room Service - 1966 includes: Bob McFadden

What are the duties of an emergency room technician?

An Emergency Room Technician usually works under the direct supervision of an Emergency Room Nurse and they basically assist wherever they are needed in the ER helping other ER professionals. Their shifts vary since the Emergency Room is always open.

What are the release dates for The Emergency Room - 2009?

The Emergency Room - 2009 was released on: USA: 12 May 2009