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Q: What are the Cailfornia state colors?
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What is Cailfornia's state bird?

California's state bird is the California Valley Quail.

Is Cailfornia a Spanish speaking state?

no but spanish people may live their

What is the region of cailfornia?


Where do Lindsey Lohan live?

in Cailfornia

Is Tiger Woods from Cailfornia?

yes he is

Where was solar power first used?


Who is the new governor of cailfornia?

Jerry Brown

What is the name of the ocean china shares with cailfornia?

the ocean

What is the population of cailfornia?

California's population of people is 36,916,64

What is the state colors of California?

The state colors of California are blue and gold.

What are the Pennsylvania state colors?

It does not have any official state color or colors.

What are Washington's state colors?

The colors of the State of Washington are green and yellow.