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a. Top management not recognizing this activity as a project

b. Too many projects going on at one time

c. Impossible schedule commitments

d. No functional input into the planning phase

e. No one person responsible for the total project

f. Poor control of design changes

g. Poor control of customer changes

h. Poor understanding of the project manager's job

i. Wrong person assigned as project manager

j. No integrated planning and control

k. Company resources are overcommitted

l. Unrealistic planning and scheduling

m. No project cost accounting ability

n. Conflicting project priorities

o. Poorly organized project office

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Causes of software crisis?

it is a manufacturing project management branch of prograaming

Need a introduction for a project on disaster management?

Just write what is natural disaster What it causes How does it damage property write 15 -18 sentences on the points

What is the importance of gender in project planning and management?

There is no relevance to gender in project planning and management unless you are working in a culture where mixing gender is not allowed for religious or cultural reasons. In that case you would have to ensure that the gender-mixing conforms to the local standards. That said, very often a mix of gender causes sexual-tension, like flirting. This distracts the team members from the project at hand.

What causes the volcano project to erupt?

hi what causes a volcano to erupt is

What is causes and consequences of natural resource depletion?

causes are mainly by human activities

What are the causes of project failure in Uganda?


Brooks argues that adding people to a project that is running late will make it Evan later why sould be in this case?

No, adding people to a project that is running late will not necessarily make it even later. In order to add people to a project and make them productive, some of the existing people on the project will need to transfer part of their knowledge to the new people, before the new people can become productive. That will reduce some of the existing people's productivity. That will cause the rate of completion of the project to initially slow. That causes the perception that the project will be further delayed. However, once the new people are trained, the existing people will return to their original duties, and the new people will pick up duties, and the overall rate of completion might become faster than before the point of adding people. Whether or not this improves or delays the ultimate completion of the project depends on when the addition of people is made, and on whether or not the existing people will be able to return to their original productivity and still interface with the now larger group of people.

What is the causes of poverty in Tanzania?

Corruption and poor management of resources are causes of poverty in Tanzania.

What are the activities of people that causes soil erosion?


What causes volcanic activities in the world?

Heat from the Earth's core.

How do human activities causes change in the ecosystem?

they change activities because they are having FUN! Also SMILE It's Free! (:

What are the different human activities that causes habitat alterations?

what causes habitat alterations are human homes and construction works

What are some causes of maintaining the ecological balance?

Causes are integrated health management of crops soil and animals.

What was the major cause of emigration after the civil war?

The two major causes were the Homestead Act and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Causes solid waste management?

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What causes more tooth decay lemons or limes?

a science project on that

What causes conflict between managers and stakeholders?

Project stakeholders are individuals and organizations whose interests are affected (positively or negatively) by the project execution and completion. In other words, a project stakeholder has something to gain from the project or lose to the project. Accordingly, the stakeholders fall into two categories-positive stakeholders, who will normally benefit from the success of the project, and negative stakeholders, who see some form of disadvantage coming from the project. The implications obviously are that the positive stakeholders would like to see the project succeed and the negative stakeholder's would be happy if the project was delayed or even better cancelled. Conflict usually occurs because of misunderstanding or wanting to do something different. The customer may want some feature in the product but the manager may feel its too late to accomodate hte request.

What are the human activities that causes environmental degradation?

One of the main cause that causes environmental degradation is the release of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere produced by human activities. Coal burning power plants and burning fossils fuels causes a great harm to our environment.

What are the causes of hunger in africa?

War, drought, poor land management

What are the causes of failure in forex trading?

Bad monet management and psikology....

What causes nutrients in the top soil to be removed?

Soil erosion and certain human activities causes the nutrients in the top soil to be removed.

Science investigatory project in tsunami?

it can not be made but i will help write about what are the causes,which are the places effected

Can you give me an example of an investigatory project proposal?

hCauses of seedlessness in Melingtonia hortensis.

What type of conflict causes the greatest problems in project teams?

Chineese People or Emos

What are the causes of business failure in Ghana?

Poor management less supervision investment