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you will be guilty if you get in accident.

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Q: What are the Connecticut state driving laws for Drowsy Driving?
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What is the driving distance from Connecticut to Florida?

The driving distance from the Connecticut state line to the Florida state line is about 975 road miles - roughly 16.5 hours of driving time.

Driving distance from Boston to Connecticut?

The driving distance from Boston to the Connecticut state line is about 70 road miles.

What was the first state to have a law against drowsy driving?

New Jersey

What is the road mile distance between Chicago and Connecticut?

The driving distance from Chicago IL to the Connecticut state line is 828 road miles - about 14.5 hours driving time.

What is the distance in miles between Texas and Connecticut?

The driving distance between the Texas state line and the Connecticut state line is approximately 1,430 road miles.

Can you drive outside of Connecticut with a Connecticut learners permit?

So long as the state you're driving in will honour an out-of-state learner's permit (some do not), and you meet the restrictions imposed both by the state of Connecticut and the state you're operating a vehicle in, then yes.

How long does a speeding infraction stay on your driving history in Connecticut?

A speeding infraction will stay on your record for 24 months in the state of Connecticut. This rule applies to all moving violations in the state.

Do you have to go through New York if you are driving from Tennessee to Connecticut?

Yes, you have to go through New York state.

How far is Connecticut to Washington state?

A long way! It is on the other side of the country. It takes about four days of straight driving to get there.

What is the mileage between Bridgeport Connecticut and Shelton Connecticut?

Bridgeport and Shelton are both cities within the state of Connecticut. There is a distance of 12 miles between these two cities. The estimated driving time by car is 14 minutes.

What are the rules for driving with an out of state license?

The same as if you were driving with an in-state license, so long as you're driving on an unrestricted license in good standing from the state of issue.

Is driving a right granted by the state?

Driving is a privilege not a right

How old do you have to be to get learner's permit in CT?

All 16 and 17 year olds must first obtain a learner's permit before practice driving in the state of Connecticut People over age 18 do not need a learner's permit to practice driving.

Driving distance from Oklahoma to Minnesota?

The driving distance from the Oklahoma state line to the MN state line is about 496 road miles - roughly 8 hours of driving time.

What driving schools in the Annapolis area can others recommend?

There are many driving schools in Annapolis. Some of the best one's include Widmyer driving school, Arrive alive driving school, All state driving school and Greg's driving school.

Is driving in Florida a privilege or a right?

Driving in ANY State is a privilege, not a right.

What is the driving distance from philadelphia to state college?

The driving distance is about 195 miles.

What is the driving distance between Texas and Wisconsin?

The driving distance from the Texas state line to the Wisconsin state line is approximately 925 road miles - about 15 hours of driving time.

Where can I find a driving course?

You can find driving courses at any DMV in the state. There are different driving schools depending on which area or region you live in. The best way to go about finding a driving course is to look it up in yellow pages or in the state directory.

Can you transfer a driving permit to another state?

Whether or not you can transfer a driving permit to another state depends on the specific states in question. In Massachusetts, for example, you can transfer a driving permit if your previous state had similar enough laws.

Where can you find a driving school?

You can find them in any state. Ask someone who might know.My sister learned driving from a driving school and now she is a great driver. I'll provide the link of the driving school below where she learned driving.

Can you drive with a learners driving permit out of state?

Yes, you can, subject to the restrictions issued to holders of learner's permits by that state and the state in which your permit is issued. However, there are some states which prohibit out of state learner's permit holders from driving within their state. I know Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., South Carolina, Arizona, and New Hampshire are among those which do not. You should always inquire within any state you intend on driving in about the legality of driving on a learner's permit from your state before you go driving there.

How many point is reckless driving?

Usually reckless driving is around 4 points on your license. This varies from state to state and should be checked in your state.

What is the driving distance between Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?

The driving distance between the WI state line and the PA state line is about 460 road miles and total driving time is approximately eight hours.

What is the best truck driving school in the state?

The best truck driving school in the state is Eagle Driving School, which is actually offered in many different states and is the top notch school in most states.