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What are the Disadvantages of a OCR?

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Not accurate

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ocr?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a program that is used to convert a scanned document into a text file that can be further edited. The downside is that not all the characters in the text file will have been converted properly. Further proofreading is necessary to correct any mistakes the OCR program has made.

Where can you find PDF OCR in Google?

that website you can find A-PDF OCR

What does OCR mean and how does it work?

that is ocr is the bes

What is iris ocr?

I.R.I.S. OCR is software for scanning of documents.

When was OCR-A font created?

OCR-A font was created in 1968.

Where can I download Ocr software for no cost?

OCR software can be downloaded at no cost from several different websites. Websites that allow you to download OCR software for no cost include, and

What is a synonym for scanner?

OCR, optical character reading device, OCR device...

What is OCR and Advantages and disadvantage of OCR?

Ocr- Advantage: Human-readable Disadvantage: Not accurate, because it first compares to a list then the one closest is chosen.

What is the OCR AS level maths syllabus?

Search on the OCR site. Note, however, that there is a new specification for OCR MEI maths form June 2013.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an optical character reader?

Ocr- Advantage: Human-readable Disadvantage: Not accurate, because it first compares to a list then the one closest is chosen.

Is OCR INPUT device?

Yes, OCR or Optical Character Recognition is an input device.

What is the full form of OCR in Computer?

full form of OCR is Optical Code Reader

What does OCR stand for in relation to OCR Software?

OCR software is innovative software which utilizes Optical Character Recgonition (OCR). This software is commonly employed in scanners which upload images of documents, converting the text to an easy-to-access digital format.

What is the different between ( OMR ) and (OCR)?

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are the 2 methods of turning print into a digital form. The advantage of OCR over OMR is that, on scanning, a printed document does not have to be re-coded.

Where would an OCR be used?

The full form of "OCR" is Optical Character Recognition. OCR can be used with any digital document (such as a PDF file) to extract its text and either create an editable text file, or a searchable PDF. Some scanner software includes OCR, so that when you scan a document, it is processed with OCR as it is scanned.There's a free online tool at CVISION Tech's website if you want to try using OCR on any document file you might have.

How ocr works?


Where can OCR PDF products be bought?

PDF OCR products can be obtained from the online site CNET. PDF OCR products convert scanned PDF paper books and documents into easily edited text files.

Is there a program I can buy that will show me how the OCR program works?

Most programs online will show you step by step processing for OCR programs. If you go to a search program and enter OCR free programs it will help you with your new job.

What is the function of the OCR device?


IS OCR an input or output?



OCR is an input device. Its purpose is to scan written or typed text - and display it on a computer screen.

What is the function of OCR?

The function of OCR, input device is to scan the characters on the page, one by one and then compares them with characters stored in the computer's memory.

Ocr is used in bar code readers?


Whate is the full meaning of ocr?


What does OCR stands for?

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