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hard drive

sound card



video card

computer case


optical drive



power supply

SATA expansion card

audio/ visual input expansion card

USB expansion card

10/ 100/1000 NIC

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What is the most popular way an internal DVD drive interfaces with a motherboard

A DVD can only use the top surface for data

Which holds more data a microdrve or a zip drive

How do you run Windows on Mac Leopard G4 with no Intel

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Q: What are the Examples of Shared Hardware components?
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What are some examples of hardware?

Hardware Peripherals: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Modem, Flash Drive. Hardware Components: Processor, Graphics Card, RAM, Hard Drive.

What are examples of hardware on a computer?

Three examples of personal computer hardware would be a Hard Drive, a CD Drive, and a monitor. There are lots of other hardware components as well, such as RAM modules, motherboards, and processors. Some hardware lies within the machine, while other components, like the monitor and keyboard, are outside the PC case.

what hardware components modify data bits?

The components of computer which can be touched are called hardware component without hardware components computer are not useful.

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Most viruses do not affect hardware components.

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What is a hardware components of DBMS?

The hardware components of DBMS are physical electronic devices. Computers I/O channels, storage devices, and electromechanical devices are hardware components of DBMS.

Components of ICT?

The components are software, hardware and personnel.

What is the minimum hardware components required for the POST to perform?

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What are two examples of hardware information?

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Is a motherboard software or hardware?

Motherboards are hardware components, not software.

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