What are the Features of Consew 220 industrial sewing machine?

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It is a extinct model as far as i know :)
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Who invented the sewing machine and why?

Walter Hunt was the first American to build a working sewing machine, but he didn't patent his invention. He did not want to cause seamstresses to loose their jobs. Elias Howe invented the first Automatic Sewing Machine. Howe obtained the first patent for the machine. Howe worked for Ari Davis ( Full Answer )

What is a sewing machine?

A sewing machine is a machine which does all the stitches automatically, so it's easier and quicker then hand stitching A sewing machine is a textile machine used to stitch fabric, cards and other material together with thread. A sewing machine is an alternative to hand sewing. It is so much fas ( Full Answer )

How does a sewing machine sew?

It doesn't just knit together otherwise it would be called a knitting machine. Look at this website. It actually explains. http://home.howstuffworks.com/sewing-machine1.htm

Is Bernina 220 sewing machine made by Bernina or is it outsourced to another manufacturer?

The Bernina 220 is made in China in a Bernina factory. Which means it is a factory built by and owned by Bernina. The 220 features the same quality Bernina is famous for. . The Bernina Activa 220 is NOT built in China. It is manufactured in a Bernina-built factory in Thailand, opened by Hans-Peter ( Full Answer )

Do I need a sewing machine to sew?

No, you dont need a sewing machine to sew but it is better to have one as they are faster. if your not bothered about the speed of your work than you can always hand stitch. The stitches would probably be more accurate with a sewing machine but the only main difference is the speed.

What are the different types of sewing machines?

There are four different types of sewing machines. They includemechanical, electronic, computerized, and manual sewing machines.The type you choose depends on the features you want and the sewingproject you are working on. The 3 sewing machines I can think of that are readily available onthe retail ( Full Answer )

Can you sew a doll with a sewing machine?

Yes, Women"s magazines used to make patterns, as they called them, sew and stuff, Very Cute were the Motorcats- Like Dennis the Menace in RR overalls with a railroad style hat, you could sew on a patch, say Penn Central or NYC. -but an anthropomorphic cat! I like that , Motorcats- Merrrrow. You can ( Full Answer )

What did sewing machine do?

the sewing machine helped make goods, and clothes in order to trade with other countries and get an income for the economy. It also helped make hand sewing go faster. Most people lost there job as hand sowers because of the new machine to do it for them.

Is a sewing machine a compound machine?

Not all sewing machines are compound machines. The definition of a compound machine is one the contains more than one machine within the same case. A machine that is not only a sewing machine but also an embroidery machine would be considered a compound sewing machine. A really good compound sewing ( Full Answer )

How did the sewing machine help people during the Industrial Revolution?

The sewing machines used during the Industrial Revolution helped people by help safe people time because before the Industrial Revolution people ( women) had to sew all of the peoples clothes together and it could be weeks before it was finished but the sewing machine sewed it by steam powered machi ( Full Answer )

How many simple machines are in a sewing machine?

A sewing machine composes several simple machines. It consists of awheel and axle, pulley, lever & wedge(the needle). As far as Iknow, these are the simple machines that form the sewing machine.

What are safety features of a sewing machine?

· Turn the sewing machine off when not in use. · Before you turn the sewing machine on, check if all the dial settings are on the right number. · Don't put your hands near the needle. · Don't keep the pedal and wire in the way of people walking.

What is the heat gain for an industrial sewing machine?

This question cannot be reasonably answered as written. Before any realistic assessment of heat gain can be established for a product, the product must be specifically identified. Also, the test criterion must be established along with specific parameters that can reliably be reproduced. Operator ( Full Answer )

Value of a Hudson Sewing Machine Co Sewing Machine?

I wanted to give a bit more information. The model is DD16415. It is black with gold accents all around it. It is still shiney and no scratches. The foot pedal is still attached. It is NOT in it's cabinet. Someone had taken it out and put it in a portable case. But it is still in beautiful condition ( Full Answer )

How do you sew sheer goods on a sewing machine?

Sheer material can be very hard to sew on a sewing machine. Loosen the tension on the machine (you will need to play around with it a bit to find what works best), use a fine ('skinny') needle (size 11-12), use lots of pins to keep the fabric from shifting, and be sure to hold the fabric very taught ( Full Answer )

How did the sewing machine stop from sewing by hand?

The sewing machine gave people an alternative to sewing by hand.People stopped sewing by hand as much because now there was anotherchoice. It meant that, especially for long, straight seams, therewas a faster way to sew. Sewing machines are also more consistant.

How do you thread an elnita 220 sewing machine?

Hello, I've recently purchased ELNITA 200 and I'm not too sure ifI'm threading it correctlly. Can someone tell me the correct way tothread this machine. Thanks.

What can a kid do with a sewing machine?

Contact your county 4h extension office and see if they have a sewing group. Threadbanger channel on youtube has some really neat and easy projects but watch them before your child because they do have some "ify" words and sewing projects like lingerie.

What did the sewing machine replace?

The sewing machine replaced sewing by hand. It was able to sewfaster and more consistantly than a person. Automating this skillfreed people up to spend their time on different things.

What can be dangerous about a sewing machine?

Keeping your fingers clear of the needle when guiding fabricthrough the feed. Other than that, there are not too many other "dangers" in using asewing machine

Can you sew thin cardboard on a sewing machine?

It is not advised as the sewing machine is designed to work with fabric, a much softer and suppler material than cardboard. You would risk major damage to your sewing machine and possibly voiding any warranty you may still have on it.

What did the sewing machine change in the Industrial Revolution?

The sewing machine was actually one of the leading inventions which gave way to the Industrial Revolution. It led to increased socioeconomic and cultural advances in both Britain and the U.S. The sewing machine gave rise to the textile industry, which had previously been done by hand. So now with pe ( Full Answer )

Is a new home sewing machine model 170 a industrial sewing machine?

No it's not. I just purchased one and it will not see a patch on a thin leather vest. The machine is a good machine but if your looking for an industrial machine this is not the one for you. I thought it was when I bought it, but for 30 bucks I still have a great machine for my lite work!

How are machine attachment attach in the sewing machine?

There are different types of attachments, so I recommend checkingyour manual for the best ways to attach them. A common attachmentis a presser foot. The different type of presser feet attach to asmall, horizontal bar which is behind and below the needle.

What is an industrial sewing machine?

It is a device invented to automate the process of sewing fabrics on a large commercial scale. Likely all the clothes you are wearing where made in a factory by a person operating a large industrial sewing machine.

Where can you get a sewing machine?

Look on your local Craig's List for sales of used items. If you don't find one for a sewing machine you like, post a notice requesting one.

Is sewing machine a complex machine?

not very complex these days, they are electric . Saw a brand 'elvira' who has lots of digital version, sewing has become easier than back in the days, no more pedals:)

Why isn't my sewing machine sewing?

There may be multiple things wrong with it... is the tread getting all knotted or is it just plain out not sewing? The most important thing is to get the right size needle that matches with what your sewing.. and the right kind of tread. I had many problems with my machines, and it was always those ( Full Answer )

What to do if your sewing machine won't sew?

If your sewing machine will not sew, first check that you have itthreaded and plugged in correctly. If it still will not sew, makesure you clean and oil it following the directions in your manual.If that does not work, you may need to take it in for repairs orreturn it under warranty.

How do you start sewing from a sewing machine?

Every sewing machine is a little different, so be sure to read yourmanual. You want to make sure that the machine is threadedcorrectly from the top (through the mechanisms and through theneedle) and the bottom (called the bobbin.) Most sewing machineshave a foot pedal, which you step on as you posit ( Full Answer )

What will you do if you did not have a sewing machine?

If you do not have a sewing machine you will be alright withoutone. If you need to fix small problems with fabric items, you cansew them up with a simple needle and thread. If you want to do alarge project on a machine see if there is a local sewing galleryor community center that rents out machines ( Full Answer )

Why wont your sewing machine sew?

To begin with, make sure it is plugged in and threaded properly. Also, ensure the hand wheel is tightened. Beyond those things, you may need hands on help.

Do you need a sewing machine if you have an overlock machine?

Yes, you still need a sewing machine, as the overlock machine is designed simply to finish the edges of the fabric. Overlock machines do not go backwards, turn, zigzag, or anything stitch functions that you may need (depending on what you are sewing) You do not absolutely need a sewing machine if i ( Full Answer )

What sewing machine do?

Sewing machines can do many types of sewing. Some of them arepractical, like stitches for attaching fabrics together. Others aredecorative, for example, some sewing machines can spell out wordson fabrics.