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The boulder badge, the cascade badge, the thunder badge, the rainbow badge, the soul badge, the marsh badge, the volcano badge and the earth badge.

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Kanto is the region of the world of Pokemon that firered takes place in so basically you are already in kanto.

you are in kanto the whole timesa tabiIn firered your already in kanto.

Pokemon firered/leafgreen/blue/yellow/green/red they are all of the games based on the kanto region

You begin in the Kanto red takes place in Kanto

kanto -- Kanto, with the addition of the Seven Sevii Islands!

You're in the Kanto region in LeafGreen and FireRed.

in firered and leafgreen you play in the kanto region

You can't. Electivre is from the sinnoh region, and you can only get kanto, johto, and hoenn pokemon in firered.

kanto is the place that you are, the region. like hoenn on sapphire, and sinnoh on platinum

If i am right you have complete your kanto(???) pokedex. I don't know if it is kanto or national.

there is only one, whitch is kanto.

You can find TM Dragon Claw on Victory Road in Pokemon FireRed (Kanto).

To get Kanto region Pokemon (Yellow takes place in Kanto), you must migrate Pokemon from the GBA versions of FireRed and LeafGreen.

No the setting is placed in the kanto region.

You cannot get Cacnea in PKMN Firered because Firered is in Kanto and Cacnea makes its first appereance in Hoenn

im sure it is 250 or 350 Pokemon from Kanto region and not so sure about the ones in Hoen region...I think i have the full Kanto dex, cuz underneath seen it says kanto then national, so yeah lol... I have 146 seen in Kanto and 99 owned I haven't done so yet, but I bet you have to get allPokemon from the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions, which, in total, would be 386 Pokemon (to get the other starter Pokemon from FireRed, trade from another FireRed/LeafGreen)

you can catch it in some tall grass in kanto

You can't, you have to trade over from FireRed or LeafGreen.

Paris is the capital of France. There is no Paris in Kanto.

Trading, migrating from LeafGreen or FireRed, or cheats.

Not any hoenn Pokemon but firered and leafgreen can catch alot of kanto and johto Pokemon ruby and sapphire can and can't.

Kanto starters are not available in Sapphire you'll need to trade them from Firered or Leafgreen.

Non, all the water type Pokemon that can be obtained in the kanto games are crap.

then congratulations you will have caught all the kanto pokemon. get your certificate from the director in celadon

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