What are the Kentucky breed specific legislation laws?

AlexandriaSection: 90.22Bans: pit bulls

AugustaSection: 90.22Bans: pit bulls

Bracken CountyLaw articleBans: pit bulls

ButlerSection: 10-BBans: pit bulls

CovingtonSection: 90.09Pit bulls and wolf hybrids declared "vicious"

Cresent SpringsSection: 90.30Pit bulls declared "vicious"

DaytonSection: 91.24Bans: pit bulls

ErlangerSection: 91.61Pit bulls and wolf hybrids declared "vicious"

ElsmereSection: 90.10Bans: pit bulls

FalmouthSection: 10-BBans: pit bulls

FlemingsburgSection: 90.01Pit bulls declared "vicious"

Fort Thomassection: 91.37Bans: pit bulls

Fultonsection: 8-5Pit bulls and rottweilers declared "vicious"

Lewis CountyNews articleBans: pit bulls

Livingston CountyNews articleRestricts: pit bulls and rottweilers

LudlowContact city officialBans: pit bulls

MayfieldSection: 3-5.1Pit bulls and rottweilers declared "vicious"

MaysvilleSection: 199.02Pit bulls declared "dangerous"

MoreheadSection: 90.01Pit bulls declared "vicious"

NewportSection: 96.40Pit bulls declared "vicious"

ParisSection: 51.1Pit bulls declared "dangerous"

Pendleton CountySection: 10-BBans: pit bulls

SouthgateContact city officialBans: pit bulls

WaltonChapter: 90.21Bans: pit bulls

Union CountyCounty websiteRestricts: pit bulls and wolf hybrids