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Mass execution of all of your plants by public burning.

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Q: What are the Penalties for growing 320 marijuana plants in Washington state?
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Penalties for growing marijuana in kansas less than 100 plants?

Cultivation Five or more plants --felony Incarceration 138 - 204 months --Fine variable

What is marijuana seeds used for?

growing marijuana plants

Can you get the effects of marijuana from the plants odor while growing?


What are the laws reguarding growing marijuana?

It depends on where you live. Most countries strictly forbid the production of even small amounts of marijuana, so growing plants can result in stiff penalties such as imprisonment. However, some countries allow the growing of a small number of plants provided the drug is intended for your own personal use or to be used as a medicine, while a very few do not limit production in any way.

Can you hind marijuana plants for radar?

Growing Marijuana plants is illegal. choose a different path before it's to late

What is a unique way to grow plants?

in your closet with artificial sunlight. perfect environment for growing marijuana! in your closet with artificial sunlight. perfect environment for growing marijuana!

Is the government spray growing marijuana plants with paraquat?

Please speak English.

What are the laws for growing ten marijuana plants?

you will most likely be charge with an attempt to distribute.

How do I stop kangaroos eating my marijuana plants?

Given that it is illegal to use, possess, grow or sell marijuana in Australia, I would say the answer is fairly self-evident: simply stop growing marijuana.

How much marijuana can a person legally possess in Washington State?

A qualified medical marijuana patient can posses up to 24 ounces and 15 plants.

Can persistent growing of marijuana cause mental problems?

No. Gardening is actually therapeutic for the mind not to mention marijuana plants release ALLOT of oxygen into the air which is good for your brain.

How can you tell from guy marijuana plants from girl marijuana plants?

There he/she