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a personality of a pumpkin's personality is it's dark because on Halloween and sometimes it can be happy but i think that's a pumpkin's personality

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What are a pumpkin's physical characteristics?

The physical characteristics of a pumpkin are big, round, orange that kind of stuff

Is smashing a pumpkin a physical or chemical change?

Smashing a pumpkin is a physical change.

Is carving a pumpkin a chemical change or physical?

It is a physical change.

Does a point have no physical characteristics?

No, a point does not have physical characteristics.

What are physical characteristics and human characteristics?

physical characteristics of a human is your phenotype

What are human and physical characteristics?

Human characteristics are the man- made Characteristics and Physical characteristics are the characteristics that are made by nature. (all natural) :)

What are the physical characteristics of gays?

There are no physical characteristics that are specifically gay. This is a myth.

Do zebras have physical characteristics?

Sure. Everything substantial has physical characteristics.

What are pumpkins physical characteristics?

characteristics of a pumpkin is the stupidest question and whoever is wondering needs 2 get a life.WHO EVER WROTE THE ABOVE IS VERY RUDE!!!! i also needed the answer for a school project!!! I hope the asker of the question doesnt mind if i say the characteristics of butternut pumpkin also known as butternut squash. Butternut pumpkins are pearshaped with pale orange-brown skin. It feels hard and a bit rough.

What are the physical characteristics of Saskatchewan?

saskatchewan has a lot of physical characteristics. like my bum

What are synonyms of characteristics?

physiognomy, physical appearance, features, physical characteristics, face

What physical and human characteristics does the middle east have?

Human Characteristics: Homes and Schools Physical Characteristics: Sahara Desert

What is the difference between physical and human characteristics?

There are many possible differences between physical and human characteristics. Physical characteristics are usually natural whereas human characteristics are usually man-made.

What are the physical characteristics of sarcophagus?

The physical characteristics of a sarcophagus are stone, colorful, ans ancient.

Do snakes have physical characteristics?

Yes. Something without physical characteristics does not physically exist.

What are 2 physical characteristics of Austin?

The physical characteristics of Austin is that there are many hills and lakes.

What are the physical characteristics of geography?

Physical characteristics in geography are natural features such as mountains and rivers. The opposite of Physical characteristics is Cultural/Human characteristics, which are man-made features such as buildings, houses, parks etc.

What are the physical characterustics of a Saguaro Cactus?

im sorry its physical characteristics signed me ****************** im sorry its physical characteristics signed me ******************

Physical characteristics of Orlando Florida?

the physical characteristics are the beaches, warm climate and the palm trees.

Physical characteristics in New Orleans?

Some physical characteristics of New Orleans are: Wetlands Mountains

What are some physical characteristics of the northeast?

Some physical characteristics are, Niagra Falls, and Washington DC.

What is the physical characteristics of mold?

what are some characteristics of mold

Is seeds to pumpkin physical or chemical change?

This process involve chemical reactions but also physical changes.

What characteristics can you get from your parents?

Physical characteristics can be shown but not characteristics such as kindness, rudeness, and so on.

What are the physical characteristics of manatee county?

physical characteristics of manatee county could be the manatee river and the beaches