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What are the Positive effects of nuclear reactors?

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They can produce electricity without producing CO2 or other undesired emissions such as sulphur dioxide.

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Three positive effects that uranium has on the environment?

Using uranium in nuclear reactors the greenhouse effect is avoided.

How are nuclear reactors used in nuclear reactors?

Well, as nuclear reactors are nuclear reactors, nuclear reactors are not used inside nuclear reactors.

Why are fast neutrons not used in nuclear reactors to get nuclear energy?

Fast neutrons are used already in nuclear reactors that called fast nuclear reactors and/or fast breeder reactors.

What process do nuclear reactors use?

Nuclear reactors use nuclear fission.

Why do nuclear fusion reactors produce such large amounts of energy?

Nuclear fusion reactors do not exist yet as we don't know how to build them. All nuclear reactors are nuclear fission reactors.

Positive effects of nuclear power?

Nuclear power is a cleaner more efficient type of energy. Some other positive effects of nuclear power are that it is reliable and easy to transport.

How many nuclear reactors does France have?

There are 59 nuclear reactors in France.

How many nuclear reactors are there in Australia?

there are no nuclear reactors in Australia hopfuly the are none!

What nuclear reaction is currently used to produce nuclear energy in nuclear reactors?

We use nuclear fission in nuclear reactors to tap nuclear energy.

What type of nuclear reaction is used in modern day nuclear reactors?

Current nuclear reactors rely on nuclear fission as their nuclear reaction.

How many nuclear reactors are there in the world?

There are over 400 nuclear reactors around the world.

How many nuclear reactors are there in India India?

As of 2010, India has 20 Nuclear Reactors.

What is the bad things about the nuclear power reactors?

there are no bad things about the nuclear power reactors

Are there more fast breeder or thermal nuclear reactors?

Most nuclear reactors are thermal-neutron reactors. A few fast breeder reactors have been built, but not many.

What are the sources of nuclear reactors?

Nuclear reactors are built. Therefore the source is the country that commissioned and built them.

What is about nuclear reactors that evokes hope in some and dread in others?

nuclear reactors that evokes dread

Where does nuclear energy comes from?

Nuclear reactors.

Where does nuclear power happen?

In nuclear reactors

What has the author Roger H Clarke written?

Roger H. Clarke has written: 'Physical aspects of the effects of nuclear reactors in working and public environments' -- subject(s): Physiological effect, Safety measures, Nuclear reactors, Radiation

How many nuclear reactors are in Japan?

There were 54 nuclear reactors in Japan before the three meltdowns occured.

What can be used as a substitute for nuclear reactors?

No substitute for nuclear power reactors especially if there is no available fossil fuel.

Is Pakistan making nuclear reactors?

No, they don't. All Pakistan nuclear power reactors are imported from outside.

Are lasers used for nuclear reactors?

No, at least not for power reactors

How are they different from regular nuclear reactors?

Please elaborate on "they" as no comparison can be given otherwise. Do you mean?: "How is nuclear fusion different from regular nuclear reactors (nuclear fission?)"

The differences between nuclear reactors and nuclear bombs include what?

Nuclear reactors produce exactly one additional fission for each fission reaction while nuclear bombs don't Nuclear bombs are runaway fission reactions and reactors aren't (APEX)