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In todays notation of Roman numerals they are as follows:-

Uniits from1 to 9: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX

Tens from 10 to 90: X, XX, XXX, XL, L, LX, LXX, LXXX and XC

400 and 500: CD and D

To choose any numerals simply write them out in descending order as for example 499 = CDXCIX

Note that the way we work out Roman numerals today differs in many respects to how the Romans actually did themselves for instance they would have worked out the equivalent of 499 on an abacus counting device as CCCCLXXXXVIIII and then probably simplified it to ID (500-1) in written format.

QED by David Gambell

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Q: What are the Roman Numerals from 400 to 500?
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