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runoff channels on mars are equivalent to dry river beds, they show evidence that water flow and currents once existed, the river beds on mars are predicted to be roughly 4 billion years old.

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What is run-off in a water cycle?

Surface runoff is water that runs over the surface of the land. Generally the soil has been infiltrated to full capacity. Channel runoff is water in rivers, streams and channels.

What has the author E R Hedman written?

E. R. Hedman has written: 'Mean annual runoff as related to channel geometry of selected streams in California' -- subject(s): River channels, Runoff, Stream measurements

Does the surface of mars have long channels from water flow?

They believe that it is from water flow.

Does the surface mars have long channels that may have been caused by flowing water?

It has been agreed that the channels would have been formed by flowing water.

What are outflow channels on mars?

outflow channels are channels which were created during enormous flash floods on mars. after the time of free flowing water, when run off channels were formed, the climate on mars became very cold and much of the water was frozen into ice caps. about one billion years after this volcanoes became active on the planet and melted much of the ice caps into water, this caused huge flash floods. when the volcanism ended, the water refroze into the conditions it is in today.

What were Mars' channels caused by?

Ancient water flows and past geological activity.

Which features on mars point to the possibility of liquid water on the planet?

Gullies and streamlike channels

Why were scientists surpised to observe recently formed liquid water channels on mars?

Mars is too cold for liquid water to flow on the planet surface

What is a tiny groove in soil formed by runoff?

A 'rill' is a collection of small channels on a slope caused by erosion. Each tiny groove is called a 'channel.'

What evidence is there that water flowed on mars?

It has long channels that may have been carved by flowing water.

What landforms can be found on Mars?

Mars has pretty much every landform earth has. It has riverbeds, mountains, valleys, channels, ridges, plains, hills, canyons, and craters.

Can you watch tv on mars?

If there was some solar panel devices brought and TV networks broadcasting to the mars location, then YES! you need electricity and channels to broadcast.

What has the author Thomas N Keefer written?

Thomas N. Keefer has written: 'Dissolved oxygen impact from urban storm runoff' -- subject(s): Rain and rainfall, Runoff, Combined sewers, Water, Dissolved oxygen, Water quality, Urban runoff 'Stream channel degradation and aggradation' -- subject(s): Sediment transport, Channels (Hydraulic engineering)

What kind of evidence would the mars exploration rovers be looking for that indicated that water once flowed on mars?

Is there water on Mars :) ???????????????surface temperatures on Mars are too low for liquid water to exist and Mars has no rivers, seas, or oceans. However, there was water once. I know this because I am an austernaut that studdys Mars. And Mars has dried up water channelsYes there is water on Mars

What liquid formed channels on the surface of Mars long ago?

it's water is just ordinary water

What has the author Robert Louis Gold written?

Robert Louis Gold has written: 'Use and availability of continuous streamflow records in New Mexico' -- subject- s -: Stream measurements 'Low-flow water-quality and discharge data for lined channels in northwest Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1990 to 1994' -- subject- s -: Environmental aspects of Flood control channels, Environmental aspects of Urban runoff, Flood control channels, Statistics, Stream measurements, Urban runoff, Water quality

What is snowmelt runoff?

Runoff is water that flows over the ground surface. Snowmelt runoff is runoff from melting snow.

How can building towns make flood worse?

The hard, impermeable surfaces in cities and towns lead to increased runoff and less water being absorbed into the ground. Too much runoff can cause flooding directly. The increased runoff also means that rainwater enters streams and rivers more quickly, making it more likely that stream channels will overflow.

What is storm flow in geographical terms?

Stormflow is the storm runoff generation. These flows occur less frequently and rare, but can have influence on the behavior and appearance of channels for years or decades.

What is rill erosion?

This is the removal of soil by runoff from the land surface whereby numerous small channels, generally up to 30 cm deep are formed...................................................................................Or.......................... Rill Erosion: This is the flow of run off water causes concentrated channels,to be formed at the surface of the soil.

Glacial runoff and what else provides water to the large rivers of India?

Runoff from rain and runoff from melting snow (which is NOT the same as glacial runoff).

Why is runoff important?

why are urban runoff important

Use runoff in a sentence?

"How can you use the word "runoff" in a sentence?" That's a sentence, and it uses the word "runoff".

What are the two types of runoff?

Surface runoff and Subsurface runoff. Basically, above ground and below ground

What is construction runoff?

runoff caused by construction working

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