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A recent newspaper article said that the minimum SAT score would be a 1790. Of course, this is assuming you have a high GPA and many extra-curricular activities. Try to aim for about 1900 or above. I forgot exactly, but i think UC Berkeley was about a 1810, I might be off. You shouldn't aim to get the "minimum" but actually do the best you can and you should get a better score.
A UCLA website said that most people that get into UCLA have a 4.0 GPA and at least 1200 on the SATs (this would be the old scoring system).
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Q: What are the SAT score requirements for UCLA?
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What does your sat score have to be to get into UCLA?

The SAT requirements for UCLA are: Reading 560 to 680, Math 600 to 760 and Writing 590 to 710. However, there are other admission requirements to get into UCLA.

What is average sat score for UCLA?


What are the sat score requirements for NC State?

there are no requirements, but the average S.A.T. score is 1176

What are the SAT ACT and GPA score requirements to get into Yale?

There are no requirements.

What are the SAT score requirements for Washington State University?

There are no specific SAT requirements for Washington State University. In 2013, the average SAT score of all three sections combined was 1450.

What are the SAT score requirements to get into NC State University?


What is the Admission and SAT score requirements for university of Istanbul?


What are the requirements for getting into UCLA?

3.7 GPA in state. 4.2 GPA out of state. High SAT.

What is the minimum SAT score needed to get into UCLA?

Almost 40 percent of the students accepted to UCLA in 2014 score within the 1,800 to 2,090 range on the SAT. Twenty-six percent of the admitted freshmen scored between 1,500 to 1,790, while only two percent score below 1,200.

What are the requirements for UAB?

For undergraduate students the requirements are a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a minimum ACT score of 20 or SAT score of 950

What are the admission requirements?

The admission requirements are things like you GPA and SAT score. So you need a certain GPA to get in like a 3.7 for you GPA you can get into NYU. But your SAT score needs to be great too.

SAT score for West Georgia College Carrollton Georgia?

The University of West Georgia College in Carrollton, Georgia admits applicants based on SAT scores that meet the (TCSG) Technical College System of Georgia requirements. The minimum requirements for SAT reading is 430, SAT Math Score is 410. An SAT reading score of 480, and SAT math score of 480 is required for the international tuition waiver eligibility.

What is the highest SAT score at UCLA?

well after doing research i would say its 2450 that what has been recorded

What are the academic requirements to get into Yale including ACT and SAT scores?

The average SAT score for Harvard is a 2200.

What are the SAT score requirements for University of Washington-Seattle?


What are the SAT score requirements for Rowan University?

Rowan University is located in New Jersey. There are no minimum SAT score requirements. Average scores are between 510 and 630 for math and between 480 and 580 for reading.

What are the SAT score requirements for colleges?

SAT score requirements vary drastically, and while some top-notch colleges require high scores, there are many schools that hardly pay any attention to the scores.

What are the SAT score requirements for Point Park University?

you need at least a 1300

What are the admissions requirements for LSU University?

the admission requirements for lsu is a good act and sat score and a 3.0 gpa.

What are the sat requirements for the university of Miami?

There is no set SAT requirements for the University of Miami. Last year's admitted students averaged an SAT score of 1910. Anything around that should make you a competitive applicant.

What are the Requirement to get in to UCLA?

very good grades, a good reputation and sat act score in top 10 for grad class

What are the GPA and SAT requirements to get into UCLA USC and NYU?

go to you'll find evrything you need there

What is the minimum GPA requirements for WOU?

Average GPA Score as listed in Hotcoursesusa for Western Oregon University is: GPA score: 2.75 Average SAT math score: 470 Average SAT writing score: 470 Average ACT score: 21

What score on the ACT do you need to get into UCLA?

The average ACT score for UCLA is a composite of 30

What are the requirements to get into a good University?

Start with a good OP or SAT score of around 10-1 (OP) 80+ (SAT) to have a chance at getting in.