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1. All guns are ALWAYS loaded.

2. NEVER point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot.

4. ALWAYS be sure of your target and what is behind it.

NOTES: Be very selective who you are at the range with. Never let anyone around you violate these rules when at the courteous but firm when reminding those at the range of safety.

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Q: What are the Safety Measures to review when holding a Loaded Firearm or Unloaded Firearm?
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When is an unloaded gun a dangerous weapon?

A firearm, whether loaded or unloaded is always considered a dangerous weapon when used in an illegal/unlawful manner. This is because of the fear that it instills into other persons who have no way of knowing if the firearm is unloaded, or not.

When should your firearm be unloaded?

When a firearm is in storage , being transported, or is not to be fired at the time. Firearms should not be loaded until they are to be made ready for use. They should ALWAYS be unloaded during cleaning or maintenance.

Can a person carry a firearm in a vehicle in Tennessee?

You can transport an unloaded firearm in Tennessee, but if you want to carry in loaded or on your person, you need a permit. Tennessee recognizes permits from any state.

What is the definition of unloaded in Oregon gun laws?

to my understanding there is no legal definition on the books for an "unloaded firearm". however as Oregon is one of the more lenient states when it comes to firearm laws and open carry is legal in most areas of the state and there is no loaded or unloaded requirement for open carry. I hope this answers your question but if not with a little more info i am sure i could help you ...

What stops faster a loaded or unloaded vehicle?

Obviously an unloaded vehicle.

Is it illegal to carry a handgun with a chambered round in Oregon?

No, however, state and Federal law laws do place limits on the places where you can take a firearm- loaded or unloaded.

What is a loaded caliper versus an unloaded caliper?

Loaded Calipers are purchased with pads, hardware all included. Unloaded is just a caliper.

What is the weight of a backpack in kilograms?

Loaded or unloaded? 2-30kg loaded is the most common range.

What is a loaded firearm?

A firearm that has ammunition loaded into it. IMPROVING ANSWER: If you say "a gun is loaded when there is ammo inside it" you are using common sense. If you are asking the question about gun safety and safe gun handling, that's totally accurate. An "unloaded" gun means one that is fully unloaded-- no ammo in any part of it, even the magazine. But from a legal standpoint, if you are carrying a gun in a way that is only legal if the gun is not loaded, watch out for what your state's legal definition of a "loaded" gun is. Not all state and local laws are written with common sense. Sometimes, in some jurisdictions, the law might use the phrase "loaded firearm" to mean a gun that is NOT actually loaded, but for which there is ammunition within easy reach, if the gun and the ammo are not in cases or boxes. And in some jurisdictions, a gun that has rounds in the magazine but none in the chamber might or might not be "loaded" in the eyes of the law. So really, it depends on what state you're in and what the circumstances are.

How much does a 9MM beretta pistol weigh?

Loaded or unloaded?

What rhymes with unloaded?


Can a firearm be carried in a vehicle without a license?

It depends on the locality. In some U.S. states, it's perfectly legal to carry a loaded handgun where you can access it in a vehicle, but in some it isn't. You can, generally speaking, transport and unloaded and inaccessible firearm in a vehicle. Check your local laws.

What was the name of a holocaust prisoner who unloaded and loaded the other prisoners?

A Kapo.

What is the legal meaning of the word loaded?

In reference to a firearm, a firearm is considered loaded when there is a live round of ammunition ", or attached in any manner to, the firearm, including, but not limited to, in the firing chamber, magazine, or clip thereof attached to the firearm..."

Can you carry a gun in your car in Missouri?

Any law abiding Missouri citizen 21 years of age or older may carry a firearm in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle. The firearm may be loaded, unloaded, concealed or not concealed. A permit is not required for this purpose. However a permit is required if you wish to carry a concealed firearm in public. Missouri CCW Instructor

Can you carry a loaded shotgun in your vehicle in Texas?

yes if it is in plan view and unloaded

What if there is nothing in the chamber of a gun is it considered loaded?

If there is ammunition in the magazine or cylinder, the firearm is loaded.

Can you carry a loaded firearm in a snowmobile?

Depends on the laws where you are- and you did not give a location. In most US states, when hunting, you may not carry a loaded firearm on an ATV or snowmobile.

Can you carry a gun in your car in Idaho?

If you have a concealed weapon's permit, you may put your gun anywhere in your vehicle, or in your person loaded or unloaded, unless you are in school property. If you do not have a concealed weapon's permit, you may not have it on you, and you may not hide the gun anywhere in your car unless it is unloaded. You may, however, have the gun loaded in your car if it is in plain view. You also cannot have a gun present (loaded or unloaded) in school property.

What are Pa's charges for being caught with a loaded firearm?

Not enough details to answer your question. If you're carrying a loaded firearm in a legal manner, and in legal possession of it, there'd be no charge.

Which model burgo 22lr is loaded through a load gate and unloaded with a rod?


Is legal to transport a loaded handgun across Illinois?

No. The gun must be unloaded and in the trunk.

Why cant you have pain in your paintball gun in NY?

It's because it would be equivalent to having a loaded firearm during transport and when law enforcement see that you have a loaded firearm (according to NY firearm laws), they may have the right to arrest you.

Can i carry a loaded firearm in California?

unless you have a permit or is a felony

Is it illegal to point an unloaded gun at people?

Yes, the threat is the same as if it were loaded and you were prepared to use it.