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What are the acronyms in the cingular commercial?

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July 13, 2007 6:58PM

"WU?" (What's up?)
"This cell phone bill is what's up, all this texting!"
"OMG, INBD!" (Oh My Gosh/God,) (It's no big deal.)
"It is a big deal. Who are you texting 50 times a day?"
"IDK, my BFF Jill?!" (I don't know, my best friend forever Jill?)
"Well you can tell your BFF Jill that I'm taking your phone away."
"TISNF!" (This is so not fair!)
"Me paying this bill, that's what's...S...N...F...!" (So...not...fair...!) (Now too much texting is NBD.) (No big deal.)