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one of them is their 5 hearts. That way, they can survive for a long time

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What are the adaptations of a sea worm?

gills and other stuff

What are some behavioral adaptations of a fan worm?

The sabellida, commonly known as the fan worm, have behavioral adaptations. They generally adapt to changes in light instensity. They do this by retracting into their tubes.

What adaptations does tube worm have?

it has silky skin and can 'regenerate quickly:-)

What are a Sea Otters adaptations?

They have blubber, which keeps them worm in cold water

Three adaptations a worm has so it can survive in its soil habitat?

There have been many adaptations that a worm has had to take on so that it can survive in it's soil habitat. It must have a slimy mucus to move through it's environment for example.

What adaptations does a worm have so it can live in soil?

it has a torpedo shaped head so it can move around in the mud. The habitat provides shelter and protection for the worm.

What are some worm adaptations?

one adaptation of worms is the way they digest food and let it out

What are the adaptations of a earth worm?

the worm can regenerate its body if its chopped off. its slimy so it can get away from predators and is really thin so it ca fit into tight spaces

What adaptations do black-tailed jackrabbits have?

fur keeps it worm omg you cant i sall one omg i live in oh just kidding

Is a trichina worm a segmented worm or a round worm?


What are the adaptations of the alligator snapping turtle?

The alligator snapping turtle uses its worm shaped tongue to lure fish close, then the alligator snapping turtle eats the fish.

How do you make worm on the keyboard?

long wavy worm small wavy worm ~ baby worm ------straight worm ____ straight worm ====== straight worm s s-shaped worm

What is the life cycle of a worm?

a worm is a worm

IS a mill worm a worm?

a worm that lives in a mill

Are worm a reptile?

NO its a worm just a worm. ( I think...)

What is the most abundant worm?

the earth worm and the red worm.

Is a worm in the fungi kingdom?

Ring worm , but it is not worm shaped .

Is a worm a bug or is a worm a worm?

Worms are invertebrates; not bugs.

Is a plume worm a segmented worm?

A Plume worm is a feather duster worm which is a category of segmented worms.

'what are the differences between a meal worm and round worm'?

what are the differences between a meal worm and a round worm?

When a bird eats a worm the worm is the?

In the case of a bird eating a worm, the worm is the prey. The bird is a predator.

Can a worm do the worm?

It is possible.

What is the bilharzia worm?

a worm

What is the anus of a worm?

the anus on a worm is located at the posterior end of the worm.

What does the intestine do in a worm?

The intestines in a worm help the worm digest food.