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Hamdard Medical College is one of the private medical colleges of Pakisatn.Students need to have at least 60% marks in F.Sc to appear in the entrance exam,following that merit list is made based on the entrance exam result,F.Sc marks and Matric Marks....then selected students have to deposit huge amount of fee before start of classes......This obviously is borne by parents for their children's future. unfortunately these students dnt get quality education due to unavailability of approprite facilities & structured training ,,,,this in part is also due to rapid turn over of demonstrators due to low salaries,,, they leave for better opportunities..... i request PM&DC to kindly make a surprise visit and recheck the required facilities .........also ask the students common questions,,,,,,they will never be able to answer,,,,,this is due to lack of appropriate facilities.......please do not make the students and future of Pakistan suffer........ I request the secretary and registrar of PM&DC to kindly look into the matter......please lets make safe Doctors,,,,,,,Quality matters and not the Quantity....... This isnot intended against Hamdard med college but is also applicable to the other private med colleges....lets make the best doctors of the world as before........pakistani doctors used to be the best in the world,,,,,,,,,lets keep our flag high,,,,,, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

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Q: What are the admission requirements of Hamdard medical college Karachi?
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