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ano ano at sino sino ang mga kalihim ng gobernador heneral noong unang panahon

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Australian made products?
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What some advantages and disadvantages on Australian made products exported overseas?


What are Australian products?

Products made in Australia

Advantages and disadvantages of the power culture?

Advantages -Decisions made quickly -Cheap to run Disadvantages -nepotistic -can be paternalistic

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum flask?

the advantages are-keep heat for longerreusablelightweightpopularthe disadvantages are- expensivesometimes made from bad materialscan be harmful to environment

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there are more disadvantages than advantages in that decition you made.

Disadvantages of man made products?


Where are most Australian bought products made?

By children

Advantages of new technologies?

The advantages of new technology are that they are faster and they are up to date. Disadvantages are that they are made in China.

What percentage of Australian bought products are made in Germany?


Is Australian-made a better choice?

Yes, if you are in Australia. Buy Australian made or grown products and the money and the jobs stay in Australia.

Should you buy Australian made products?

Yes! It boosts the economy.

Does China import and export Australian products?

Yes,... China does import Australian made products, and exports Chinese made products to Australia. Its a two way street although one might be wider than the other. I also heard that due to good marketing Australian Products exported to China are highly sort after, and there is a great product image placed on anything made in AUS.