What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 7?

The Pros and Cons of Windows 7:

  • 7 is faster than Vista, and in most cases, faster than XP.
  • 7 has a lot of new and very nice features that aren't in other versions.
  • 7 looks nice, is designed for touchscreen interaction (everything is larger by default)
  • 7 is fully compatible with Vista (uses the same kernel)
  • 7 has compatibility mode with XP SP3 & Vista SP2.
  • 7 is not easily upgraded from XP, it's the same process as XP to Vista
  • • The graphical user interface was upgraded in the windows 7 operating system.

    • Windows defender was proved to be best in giving protection to the system.

    • Fast start up and shut down.

    • Windows update feature for all the software and components.

    • Attractive themes implemented.

    • Automatic defragmentation of the hard disk.

    • Windows media player version proves to be great.

    • Performance of internet explorer 8 is good which comes along with the operating system.

    • Remote desktop connection provided along with the operating system.

    • Sticky notes and the gadgets of the windows 7

    • Faster than the other operating systems like windows vista and windows XP

    Even though these features are present in the windows 7 there are also some drawbacks in the windows 7. Because of these drawbacks, people are not using windows 7 efficiently and they are getting back to the windows xp. Now let us see on the disadvantages of using the windows 7 operating system.

    Drawbacks of windows 7

    • The first main disadvantage of the windows 7 is the hardware configuration. Windows 7 needs RAM capacity of at least 1 GB.

    • Windows 7 cannot be easily upgraded from windows XP. It has the drawbacks in upgrading the operating system in the easy manner.

    • Only the advanced users are convenient with the windows 7. New users find it difficult to use windows 7 and they switch back to windows XP itself.

    • Sometimes driver support is not providing for the old systems and the old version of motherboard. This disables some of the features in the windows 7.

    • Many users have encountered the problem of BSOD with windows 7 and have reported. This problem occurs often because of the software and the hardware changes in the system.

    • Many applications have failed to run in windows 7 and they are asking for online support.

    • Only the high end computers can install the windows 7 and it can be used only in highly configures systems.

    • Various old softwares that are into existence will not work in the windows 7 operating system. It will be a great problem to search for the windows 7 compatible versions for the particular software.