What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a sister?

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If you are a boy:

Advantages - your sister can introduce you to her friends; You can pull on her hair; you can ask her about how girls think, and what kinds of things they like (they don't like to have their hair pulled).

Disadvantages - she will rat you out to your parents; she will tell all of her friends about your embarrassing secrets; she won't introduce you to her friends.

If you are a girl:

Advantages - you can trade/borrow your sister's clothes; you will always have somebody to go the the bathroom to gossip with; you will always have somebody to share your feelings with.

Disadvantages - she will rat you out to your parents; she will take your clothes without asking; she will take your boyfriends; she will tell your boyfriends about your embarrassing secrets.

i am going to assume you mean from little kids perspective. first off they will have somebody to play with. that's the advantage. the disadvantage is that the firstborn will be lonely and feel unloved. but i think the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages. good luck

I think there are alot of reasons to have a sister. 1. you always have someone to play with. 2. you can borrow things (with asking) 3. you can share things 4. you can play games with them. 5. you are never alone or lonely. 6. there is someone to talk to (not fight with!) 7. if you can't go outside alone, then you have an instant friend. 8. you are safer because there is someone with you. 9. if you are a girl, you and your sister can share clothing. 10. if you are both girls, then you can play Barbies and other girl stuff. 11. You can comb each other's hair. 12. you can ask each other for advise. GROWING UP WITH A SISTER

I was 6 years old when my brother was born and the first thing I said to my parents when I saw that gaping hole in the crib was, "Mom, dad, I've decided I want a violin instead!" LOL I was not a spoiled child but obviously for the first 6 years of my life I had a lot of attention given me, but once my brother came along I was shuffled off to the side. As young as I was I didn't understand and felt hurt at first. I had to babysit him, help out, and when he was 5 or 6 I often had to drag him along with my friends (which they didn't like.) I remember one time my friends talked me into running away from him (down the sidewalk) and my brother would have been 5 years old at the time. Of course I started to run and I heard this tearful calling of my name. It was the first time I realized that there was some bond between my brother and I because I quit running, walked back to my brother, smiled down at him and with every pore of my body kept my temper down and said, "Boy, have you wrecked my life!" We did have a lot of fun together. We played jokes on each other and we stuck up for each other when other kids picked on us. As we grew older a large bond between us grew and now that he's in his 50s and I'm in my 60s we're so glad we have each other because our parents have both passed away. Sometimes we sit and laugh and laugh over the things we pulled off as kids.

Memories are everything in each person's life and hopefully most of them are funny and endearing memories. Whether it's a brother or sister it's fantastic!.

If you are boy -

Advantages-You can know how girls think,supposing you have a dilema with your girlfriend you can ask your sister some advice,she will keep her hands of your electronic stuff,she will find it easy to forgive you....etc

Disadvantages-She will be too emotional so keep your tongue shut unless you want to make her cry and she can be very annoying sometimes.She will sometimes think you are an utter weirdo cause you are a boy

If you are a girl-

Advantage-you too will be very friendly,trust each other a lot,she wil understand your problems well. could be the opposite

Disadvantage-will be unfriendly,hate each other,be your rival......etc

Having a sister can be a truly great thing, but it can also be a nightmare.

  • Advantages- she can tell you about how girls think, she can give you advice about girls you like, she will love you unconditionally, she will be more forgiving than a brother would, she will always have your back, you will never be alone, you will always have someone to walk beside you into something new, you won't have to play alone, you will love her unconditionally.
  • Disadvantages- she will find you annoying, she will get so mad at you, she won't let you touch her stuff, she will be busy with her own stuff, she will tell her friends your embarassing secrets, she will either ALWAYS want to be with you (annoying) or NEVER want to be with you (hurtful).
  • But this is only when you're kids. When you get older you'll be the best of friends. She'll be the one friend that will always be your friend. She will be the one that you can always turn to. And you will have so many great memories of your childhood.

-an older sister

First of all A girl is more emotional than boy so having a sister is very very much beneficial because being girl she always deeply emotionally attached with you, she can take care of your as a mother also ( if elder sister), She will stand for you in whole life even after your parents is not in the world .

FOR REAL!!! :)

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