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Offshore wind farms produce energy which is virtually emission free. After the initial expense of purchasing the wind farms, there are minimal costs involved in producing energy. Many people are opposed to offshore wind farms as they can ruin the view of the ocean and may cause noise.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of offshore wind farms?
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What are the advantages of onshore wind farms?

Easier to connect to grid than offshore wind farms so the electricity is cheaper to produce.

What is one advantage offshore wind farms have over land wind farms?

Offshore winds farms are more likely to be out of sight

What will be the ultimate source of energy for offshore wind farms?


Where are wind farms sited at the moment?

The majority of wind farms are currently placed an high lands or offshore

Should the UK make more wind farms?

there are advantages of building windfarms and there are disadvantages of building them. I have no time to improve this answer.

Where are offshore and onshore wind farms located and where are they planned to be built?

The Netherlands

Where is wind energy produced?

wind energy is produced in wind farms usually in the countryside but can sometimes be in other places. They can also be offshore .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of floating offshore windmill?

Anyone who looks at a wind atlas can see one obvious advantage of offshore wind turbines compared to any other location: there is more power in the wind offshore than just about anywhere else in the world. Another advantage to offshore wind turbines is that many of the places that use the most power -- large cities -- are relatively close to shoreline, and far away from other areas of high wind power potential -- the high mountain plateaus. One disadvantage of a floating offshore wind turbine is that there is the risk that bad weather may make it completely disappear, as happened to the Project Mustard Seed turbines. With land-based wind turbines, there is generally *something* left to salvage no matter how bad the weather gets. ... please fill in other advantages and disadvantages ...

What are the advantages of locating wind turbines offshore?

The wind is stronger and more consistent.It does not use on shore real-estate.

Disadvantages of wind farms?

A disadvantage of a wind farm is if it isn't windy the windmills don't work

What is good about offshore wind-farms?

Reduces the use of fossil fuelsclean, renewabledoes not effect the fish, wildlife etcwinds offshore are more consistent, therefore producing more electricity

Why are offshore wind farms a good idea?

Because they can produce electricity, without dangerous and polluting Carbon dioxide emissions. However, studies have shown that wildlife can be harmed by them, especially migrating birds. Having them offshore means that people can't complain about their noise.