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What are the advantages and disadvantages of open end credit?

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One of the advantages of the open end credit is that it offers purchasing power and offers the credit card benefits. The disadvantage is that it might blow one's budget up.

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What is open end credit?

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Do credit cards provide open end credit?

They have limits.

What is the difference between open ended credit and closed end credit?

Open end credit means khullam khulla udhar lena band.Closed end credit means chup k udhar lena band

What is another name for open-end credit?

Revolving credit

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What is another name for open-end credit is?

your but! and around the courner!

Why does closed-end credit have a better interest rate than open-ended credit?

Generally, closed-end credit has a better interest rate than that of open-ended credit because closed-end credit is less risky insomuch as there is a limit on how much credit may be utilized (whereas there is no limit for open-ended credit). Because lenders look at the risk-reward aspects of the product portfolio, a lower-risk product warrants a lower interest rate than one having higher risk.

A pre-approved amount of open-end credit based on a borrower's ability to pay is called a?

Line of Credit

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Are credit cards considered revolving or open end?

Basically, open ended. Once again you just got to read the contract.

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What is the difference between an open end and closed end loan?

closed end is like a car loan or mortgage where you agree repayments and have a fixed end date. open end is like a credit card ... you pay a minimium repayment each month but it could go on forever

What is the difference between open end and closed questioning?

Open end credit is when a borrower can continue to borrow and pay off in various amounts, such as a credit card. Closed end is when the lender tells the borrower how much they can borrow and a fee schedule is set up which the borrower will pay until the debt is paid off, such as a car loan.

What makes a credit card account a written contract instead of an open account in Alabama if that is possible?

A credit card is ALWAYS an open account. This is established under the Truth-In-Lending Act: TITLE 15 > CHAPTER 41 > SUBCHAPTER I > PART A > SUB SECTION 1602 s/s 1602. Definitions and rules of construction (i). The term "open end credit plan" means a plan under which the creditor reasonably contenplates repeated trans actions, which prescribes the terms of such transactions, and which provides for a finance charge which may be computed from time to time on the outstanding unpaid balance. A credit plan which is an open end credit plan within the meaning of the preceding sentence is an open end credit plan even if credit information is verified from time to time. This would be a Federal Law pertaining to all 50 states. Go to: CREDIT INFOCENTER

What are the disadvantages of buying using a credit card?

The disadvantages include the fee that you must pay at the end of each month, with a daily compounded interest. Another problem is that some places charge more when using credit cards or debit cards instead of money or checks. Credit can be lost or stolen, and then used for identity theft, without the owner's knowledge.

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Is mortgage an example of closed end credit?

closed-end credit :)

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