What are the advantages and disadvantages of surface or Open Cut Mining?


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  • Surface mining is safer
  • Surface mining is cheaper,
  • Surface mining is faster


  • Destroys the landscape
  • Destroys natural habitat
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Advantages of Underground Mining are: * It allows minerals to be extracted from deep underground * It doesn't create a mess like open cut or surface mining * Does not affect the physical environment as much as surface mining


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the 5 types of mining are "sub-surface mining, surface mining, open-pit mining, dredging, and strip mining" please like :)

AdvantagesJobs will be available for the people of the are. DisadvantagesCo2, Global warming,Smoke, dust, Bad atmosphere around the area, rising sea level.

Strip mining, Open pit mining and Mountaintop removal mining

Because - the mining company simply 'strips' off the surface layer of soil to get at the layer of ore underneath.

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THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF MINING SUCH AS SURFACE MINING,open cast mining, strip mining,alluvial mining,quarrying mining,underground mining,and drilling

Deep shaft mining, open-cast mining & adit mining.

Advantages are they open up more of a pool of applicants and talents. Disadvantages are they take a lot of time.

Surface mining is safer and easier than subsurface mining.Surface mining does more damage to the environment than subsurface.Surface mining creates more of a mess then subsurface or open cut mining.ON TH OTHER HAND-Subsurface mining is very dangerous.Subsurface mining allows you to retreive minerals from underground.Subsurface mining requires you to go underground, where you will have very little air.

it can take the life of humans as well as animals

There are some technological methods that are used in mining are:Open-cast mining : Open-cast mining is done when a mineral is located very close to the surface. In the open-cast mining, different minerals are taken out by removing the surface layer. Open-cast mining is famous for coal mining in India and many other countries.Shaft mining : The word 'shaft' refers to deep bores. In the shaft mining, deep bores are created to reach mineral deposits. This is because, these deposits lie at great depths. Petroleum and natural gas are extracted by shaft mining.

There are more disadvantages than advantages to open wound healing. The only real advantage is that there is less of a chance of scarring.

Open pit mining is used when the materials being mined are closer to the surface. It is safer to do open pit mining than it is to do underground mining. Underground mining is only used for mining hard minerals.

This mining method allows easy access to the preferred minerals and ease the extraction of this mineral due to the direct exposure

advantages: good communication with colleagues. save time. reduce cost. disadvantages: lost of documents. lost of concentration. lack of privacy.

They are similar because they are all exposed to the surface and they are all types of mining.

There are a lot of different divisions. In general, you might separate them into surface mining, such as a quarry, strip mine, or open pit mine, and underground mining, consisting of shafts and adits.

With a great deal of heavy equipment in surface open pit mining operations.

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