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Q: What are the advantages of Albania being in eu?
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When did Albania take EU candidate status?

In 2013

Will Albania join the eu?

Yes, they will. and go F**k yourself Mathewd3 and your country

What are the advantages of living in the European union?

the following points are advantages for living in the EU * the countries in the EU work together. * there are no wars between the EU countries. * all EU countries aggred to a set of rules for shops.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of france being part of the EU?

Being a part of the EU allows France to take advantage of beneficial trade and military support agreements. One disadvantage is that it opens the French economy up to volatility depending on the economic performance of other EU countries.

Which country isn't in the EU but wants in?

At the moment (September 2008) countries trying to join the EU include: * Turkey * Croatia * Serbia * Macedonia * Albania

What advantages Cyprus bring to the EU?


Is Albania part of the EU?

No, not at the moment. To see a list of member EU countries look in the related link below.

What are the advantages to citizens EU member countries?


What are the advantages to citizens of EU member countries?


What advantages will Romania bring to the EU?

Today, only loss !

The date when Albania joined the EU?

they haven't joined so when will we know the answer that albaina can come to UK without a visa what dates

Is the EU good for Austria?

Yes, Definitely. The European Union (EU) it gives Austria advantages on growth, trades, and their culture.