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What are the advantages of Confederation in Canada?

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Canada could have better defense, and its trade barriers would be abolished. Also, an intercontinental railway could be established.More tax money for the government to improve schools.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Canada West joining Confederation?

U get more ladies and yea

Why did Canada become a Confederation?

canada became a confederation on.......

Why is Confederation important to Canada?

Without Confederation there would be no Canada.

What regions of Canada benefited from Confederation?

Confederation was and is a benefit to all regions of Canada.

What were the pros and cons of Canada East joining the Maritime colonies or the US instead of the Confederation in 1867?

it was because Canada east had more disadvantages, and wanted to have mroe advantages.

When was confederation in Canada?

Canada became an official country at its confederation in July 1, 1867.

Why did Canada East join Confederation?

because the political deadlock was making it impossible to do anything in Canada east and Canada west. ================================================================ Technically, Canada East did not join Confederation. Canada East and Canada West were merely geographical designations, not political entities. The pre-Confederation Province of Canada was the political entity that joined Confederation. Immediately upon Confederation, the Province of Canada was divided into the Province of Québec and the Province of Ontario.

When did Confederation of Regions Party of Canada end?

Confederation of Regions Party of Canada ended in 1996.

When was Confederation of Regions Party of Canada created?

Confederation of Regions Party of Canada was created in 1984.

Why was John a MacDonald important for confederation?

John A Macdonald was important to the confederation here in Canada because he was the first prime minster of Canada. He was also a father of the confederation. Finally he was important because he was an important/strong support to the confederation, And the Confederation is the steps of the began of Canada...

Canada entered into Confederation on what date?

The pre-Confederation province of Canada entered into Confederation on July 1, 1867, along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Immediately upon entering into Confederation, the pre-Confederation Province of Canada was divided into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Why did Ontario join Canada?

Ontario did not "join" Canada. Ontario did not exist prior to Confederation. Ontario was one of the original four provinces of Canada. Prior to Confederation, there was the pre-Confederation self-governing colony called the Province of Canada. It was divided into the Province of Quebec and the Province of Ontario on Confederation.

What are Advantages for confederation?

Under the category of Newfoundland the Advantages of Confederation in the the 21st Century is controversial. Newfoundland and Labrador contribute more to confederation than they receive when it comes to money and resources. Canada does not provide military or border protection as both of these responsibilities have been integrated with the U.S. military and border services and since they are 10x the size of Canada they provide the majority of such services. It could be argued that Canada acts as an insurance policy and will provide for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador when their resources are no longer profitable. That would be an advantage.

What day is confederation?

Canadians celebrate the confederation of the Dominion of Canada on "Canada day" witch is usually the 1st of July.

Which country did Canada belong to before Confederation?

Prior to Confederation, what is now Canada was a collection of British colonies and territories.

What year did confederation occur in Canada?

Confederation occurred July 1st 1867. also known as the Dominion of Canada or Canada day as we now call it!

When did the confederation of Canada happen?

The confederation hapened on the first of July,1867.

What were the advantages of why New Brunswick joining Confederation?

Becuase then they knew that they would get linked between Britain and the US, with the intercolonial railway. And they thought that the US would want to get more land by going up to new brunswick and taking over, so if they when with Canada and the confederation they would get support from Canada.

What government ran Canada during confederation?

Confederation began on July 1, 1867, and is continuing to this day. Canada has experienced several governments since the beginning of Confederation.

How did Confederation effect Canada's Identity?

Confederation created Canada as a country instead of a British colony. Confederation meant Canada would have its own government to look after its affairs.

What did Sir John A MacDonald do for Canada?

he was a strong supporter of confederation and the confederation was the first step to creating present day canada.

Why Canada is called federation?

Canada is not a federation, it's a confederation.

Did Nova Scotia benefit from Confederation?

All parts of Canada benefitted from Confederation.

Why did confederation start?

Discussions about Confederation began as a result of a political deadlock which existed in the pre-Confederation Province of Canada.

When did Canada East join Confederation?

Canada East was not a political entity. It was part of the pre-Confederation Province of Canada. The Province of Canada was one of the three colonies that joined to create Canada, the first country to be created by legislation. The other two colonies were Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Confederation occurred on July 1, 1867. Immediately upon Confederation, the Province of Canada was severed into the Provinces of Ontario and Québec.