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It's faster. DDRAM stands for Double Data Rate Ram. The only one that is faster than DDRAM is RDRAM (Rambus Dram), but it is way more expensive and appears to be going off the scene.

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Q: What are the advantages of DDR RAM?
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Ddr sdram can replace by ddr2?

No, the slots for DDR2 RAM is different from the DDR RAM. You cannot use DDR RAM with DDR2 slot.

What is the difference between RDR Ram and DDR Ram?

Ram bus DR and DDR, Ram bus DR is alot faster than DDR but 2x as expensive.

Which one is better sdram or ddr ram?

ddr ram is better and faster

Is an SD RAM cable suitable for DDR RAM?

ram doesn't use a cable, but sd and ddr are not compatible

Can you use ddr ram on your computer that is using sd ram?

No you have to change the whole system build to change from DDR to SD or SD to DDR.

Is ddr computer ram for nokebook computer or we can use in desktop computer?

There is two types. There is DDR notebook RAM and there is DDR desktop ram. They can't be used vin each other (notebook RAM can't be used in a desktop) unless (in rare circumstances) you happen to have a notebook ram port on your desktop's motherboard. But no, DDR is a technology. Both desktops and notebooks support this technology because there is notebook DDR and desktop DDR. but notebook DDR can't be put in desktop DDR and vice versa.

What is a DDR Memory slot?

Basically, it is a type of Random Access Memory (RAM) slot, that supports Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM. DDR RAM is said to be twice as fast as Synchronous Dynamic (SD) RAM.

Is it possible to use pc3200 ddr ram in a PC designed for pc2700 ddr ram?

It is possible to use pc3200 ddr ram in a PC designed for pc2700 ddr ram, but the pc3200 ram will only run at pc2700. If you want to fully exploit the pc3200 ram then you will have to buy a motherboard that will be able to support a speed equal to pc3200 or greater.

Is ram the same as sdram?

SDRAM is a type of RAM. There are other types of RAM also: DDR, DDR-2, FBRAM, RDRAM...

Can DDR1 ram work in a DDR slot?

That's what a "DDR" slot is. "DDR1" is a retroactive name applied to the first DDR standard after DDR2 RAM came out.

Mercury pi865d7 motherboard support which ddr RAM 1 or 2?

ddr 1 ram till 2gbram

What does computer abbreviation DDR RAM stand for?

DDR is double data rate. RAM is random access memory.

Can you use ddr2 ram with ddr ram? can't

Can you use sd ram in place of a ddr ram?


What is the latest computer ram?

ddr ram 3

What is the difference performance wise between 184 pin ddr ram and 240 pin ddr ram?

By an order of 2.

What is 256 MB DDR RAM?

That means 256 megabytes of RAM that connects to the rest of your computer through the DDR interface.

What is beter to speed up a p4 computer a DDR or a SDR?

If the motherboard supports both DDR and SDR RAM, it is almost always a better idea to go with DDR RAM

How do you tell if a PC has ddr ram or ddr2 ram?

Usually the RAM stick has a label on it saying what kind of RAM it is and how big it is, and it should say if it is DDR or DDR2. If not, don't know what to tell you.

State the two major categories of RAM?


What type of ram 2x as fast as sdramm?

Ddr ram

What is the difference between 184 pins ddr ram and 200 pins ddr ram are they cross-compatible?

No, they're not cross compatible. 184pin DDR is desktop memory, 200 pin ddr is a SO-DIMM, which is laptop memory.

How does ddr-3 ram is more powerful then ddr-2 ram?

It's much faster. it has speeds up 1333hz and up.

Why might a person choose DDR DIMM memory?

The DDR DIMM is an older type of RAM. DDR DIMM is not compatible with other kinds of RAM which is why a person that has an older PC has to choose a DDR DIMM memory as a replacement for one that broke.

Can you interchange DDR and DDR2 RAM?