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Bar graphs show a record in column form so over a period of time comparisons of the recorded information can be clear to see


1. Beautiful and neatly constructed diagrams/charts are more attractive then simple figures

2. Comparison is made easy and it will save time of the user to make quick comparison of large data.

3. You can record comparison between two things or objects.

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Kinds of graphs for science?

Bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts Bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts

What are bar graphs for?

bar graphs are for measuring points of data.

How are bar graphs and line graphs and circle graphs different?

circle graphs add up to 100% , bar and line graphs don't

Can bar graphs be transformed into bar graphs?

well...not sure if you know this but bar graphs already ARE bar graphs, the good news is you don't have to transform them... so half your work is already done XD!

What are several types of graphs?

Line graphs and Bar graphs

What is the definition of bar graphs?

Bar graphs are used to display grouped data

What are bar graphs similar to?

line graphs

How are bar graphs and picture graphs alike?

Both bar graphs and picture graphs show statistics (data) in a visual (graphic) form.

What are the two main types of graphs?

Bar graphs and line graphs.

What are the advantages of using line graphs?

the advantages fo using a line graph is that is shows trends over time and with a bar chart it shows ammount

Is a column and bar graph the same?

Yes - in the usual orientation of bar graphs. However, bar graphs can be horizontal.

What are the meaning of bar graphs line graphs pie graphs in tagalog?

Bar graphs show an '''amount''' of data. Line graphs show data '''over time.''' Pie graphs show a '''percentage''' in the data.

What are some names of graphs?

Bar graphsline graphscircle graphspie chart

Compare bar graphs and pie graphs?

A. Z

What are the types of graphs used in economics?

bar graphs

What types of graphs are there?

line graphs bar graphs pictographs you are really sexy

Do graphs represent equations?

Bar graphs and line graphs do not. Straight line, parabolic, and hyperbolic graphs are graphs of an equation.

What are the three main types of graphs in physics?

Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Circle/Pie Graphs.

Why are bar graphs used?

bar graphs are simply used like any other graphs just to figure out any kind of data.

What Tree types of graphs to display data?

line graphs, bar graphs,and circle

What are the three types of graphs scientist use?

Pie Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Line Graphs are three graphs that scientist use often.

Which types of graphs show patterns and make comparisons about groups?

bar graphs and line graphs

Difference between line and bar graphs and pictographs?

bar graphs use bars and pictographs use pictures

Who invented bar graphs?

Rene descartes invented bar graphs you can find more about him in the book."A flyon the celieng."

Do line graphs have to start at zero?

no but bar graphs do have to start at zero

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