What are the advantages of being vaccinated?

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2012-06-17 03:42:51

When one is vaccinated, the risk of getting the disease they are

being vaccinated against goes down greatly. They are also at less

risk of being a carrier of the disease and passing it onto those

who cannot fight the disease off, such as the elderly, the young,

and those with compromised immune systems. Herd immunity is caused

by most people getting the vaccine, and protecting those who are

unable to get the vaccine.

Also, certain diseases that are more common in other countries

can travel to countries where that disease is less common. Many

people may no longer be vaccinated against the disease, and it may

result in a deadly outbreak.

In the big picture, vaccination reduces both the incidence and

impact a disease has in a large population. While the (very) rare

individual may experience harmful side-effects of certain vaccines,

the overall population will be much more resistant (and, possibly

even immune) to infection by the disease inoculated against.

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