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Higher energy content

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Q: What are the advantages of propane over natural gas?
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What are the main advantages of using a propane wall heater?

There are many advantages to using a propane wall heater instead of natural gas. Propane lasts longer and doesn't give off any oxidants (fumes). Also propane is around the same price as natural gas.

Does natural gas burn hotter than propane?

No, propane burns at 2500btu while natural gas burns at only 1012btu. Propane burns over 2 times hotter than natural gas.

To go from natural gas to propane?

btu of natural gas to btu of propane

Is propane cheaper than natural gas?

Propane is NOT cheaper than natural gas

What gas is in a bbq gas cylinder?

The majority use liquid propane, and some are hooked into the home's natural gas line.Natural, Propane, Charcoal fuel.

Is propane the most common natural gas?

No. Natural gas is largely methane. Propane is a byproduct from the production of natural gas and petroleum refining.

How do you convert a GE Monogram range from propane to natural gas?

switch the jets over to natural gas. get them at most hardware stores.

Chemical energy is an example of what?

biomass, petroleum, natural gas, and propane

How do you convert a natural gas stove to propane?

to do this you switch it from natural gas to propane remove this answer, a tautology, no help at all

Which is better - a propane fireplace or a natural gas fireplace?

Check the prices of propane and natural gas where you are. That will be the deciding factor.

What are some of the advantages of installing a propane gas fireplace over a natural gas or wood burning fireplace?

A propane gas stove doesn't require electricity to keep going. It allows you to stay warm even if there's a power outage. Propane stoves don't require the labor of splitting, stacking and carrying in logs. Propane tanks can easily be refilled by your gas company. Finally, propane burning stoves are affordable and there are a lot of models to choose from.

How do you covert raw natural gas coming from a well on your property to propane to burn in your car or fill a tank to transport?

You can't convert natural gas to propane because natural gas is methane and propane is what it says it is. Given that, there are Compressed Natural Gas cars, and if you get a natural gas compressor you can use it in a car.