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Q: What are the advantages of sanitary landfills over open dumps?
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How many sanitary landfills exist in the Philippines?

The number of sanitary landfills in the Philippines is about 960. Out of these 960 sanitary landfills, 936 are open and controlled dump sites.There about 960 sanitary landfills in the Philippines. Out of this, it is estimated that over 935 sanitary landfills are controlled and open dump sites.

What will happen if landfills fill up?

When landfills fill up, people open up new landfills.

Are Open dumps are legal in most countries?

no especially in Singapore

How do you write a sentence with the word sanitary?

I think I'll wait for a more sanitary stall to open up, thank you.

Why was open dumping in landfills outlawed in many states?

Groundwater pollution

What are the differences between open dumps and sanitary landfills?

a sanitary landfillhold municipal solid waste ,construction debris, and some types of agriculter and industrial waste liners prevent leachate from dripping out of a well disigned landfill;open dump does not hae a liner

What was the sanitary can?

It was a cylindrical can that had an open top, enabling canners to deposit larger food pieces

What cause bacterial staph infections in elderly?

Open wounds and poor sanitary conditions.

How is a sanitary towel used?

Sanitary towels are used when a woman has her period and they stick inside her knickers (panties) and catch the blood from her period

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advantages and disadvantages of open office in an organisation?

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How many landfills open up each day?

Dirt and rock go into a landfill an average of 5-9 times each day.