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There are few to no discernible advantages to social strata, excepting for the elite.

  • Greater status and economical/political holding and clout for the elite
  • Simple society with no hypocrisy or confusions as to people's opinions of others' "places"
  • Infringement upon civil rights, including even basic ones
  • Often inappropriate to some religious faiths and beliefs
  • Unfair division, especially that most common of basis on birth
  • Causes understandable tension and generally leads to often violent rebellion
  • Morally unacceptable
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What are the five basic characteristics of social stratification?

The five basic characteristics of social stratification are: a) Ancient Stratification / The Antiquity of Social stratification b) The Ubiquity of Stratification c) The Social Patterning of Stratification d) The Diversity of Form and Amount of Stratification e) The Consequences of Stratification

Advantages of social stratification to your society?

Social stratification is only beneficial if the more priviliged help those in the lower strata. Often, the rich exploit the poor in stratified societies.

What are the causes of social stratification in the Caribbean?

social stratification is the ranking of social groups

Social stratification refers to?

Social stratification is referred to people ranking. This is a social get together.

What are the theoretical perspectives of social stratification?

social stratification is dividing people by class.

What are the Approaches in the study of Social Stratification?

approaches in the study of social stratification?

Advantages and disadvantages of social stratification?

disadvantages it eliminate other factors such as economic as well as production advancement

What are the key determinants of social stratification?

The key determinants of social stratification are economic, social and political policies.

Why is there a need for social stratification in every society?

why is there a need for social stratification in every society

How social stratification become necessary evil?

Social Stratification is an inevitable and necessary evil.

What are the agents of social stratification?

The agents of social stratification are as follows: Th Family The Mass Media Educational Institution

Who gain the least from stratification?

The lower classes have the least to gain from social stratification.

Do you believe the structural-functionalist or the social conflict approach best explains social stratification?

I believe that the social conflict approach best explains the social stratification.

What are the types of social stratification?

there are three types of social stratification. Caste system, feudal/estate system and the class system.

What role does stratification play in social stratification?

social Stratification allows the function to run smoothly and authority and power is well defined so there will be ambiguity and time waste and role conflict

What is the nature of social stratification?


What is a feature that separates Neolithic societies from Paleolithic societies?

Social stratificationEconomic specialization Social stratificationagriculture, which led to settlement.

Five factors of social stratification?

factors of social stratification 1. power 2. prestige 3. Occupation 4. education

What is social inequality or stratification?

Social stratification is a system in which groups of people are divided into layers according to their relative property, power, and prestige.

What are the three major system of social stratification?

Slavery: The most extreme form of social stratification, based on the legal ownership of people. Caste: form of social stratification in which status is determined by ones family history and background and cannot be changed. Social Class: A system of stratification based on access to resources such as wealth, property, power and prestige

What view reflects social-conflict theorists' ideas about social stratification?

It results in social inequality You're welcome 8)

What are causes of social stratification in Ghana?

The social stratification of Ghana is caused by poverty, AIDS, deforestation, and urbanization. It also has tribal and clan overtones.

Why social stratification essential?

Without social stratification, no one would fear others. Law could not be implemented.So, chaos would break out .

How does stratification affect many dimensions of our life?

how does social stratification affect many dimensions of our life

The primary type of social structure is?


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