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What are the advantages of swimming?


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Adavntages of swimmingSwimmming increases your heart rate and makes you fitter. Your upper and lower body strength is improved. Mainly the upper body strength because you are constantly moving your arms and legs in order to get from one end of the pool to another. Its great in summer because when it gets really hot, just jump in the pool for a workout and cool down. Its basically a sweat free workout. You tone up your legs and arms massively and heart rate becomes better equipped for evernts such as running. Ive done swimming for around 10 years and it's great. At least if your drowning in the ocean you can get to shore and if you train long enough, you may be able to eventually outswim currents and rips.

Also it is a stress reliver


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One of the main advantages of a fiberglass swimming pool is that it takes only days to install compared to weeks for a concrete one. They require less chemicals to clean and are more durable.

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There are a few potential benefits to having a salt water pool for swimming in. Salt water is much less harsh on the skin than chlorine. They also require less cleaning and are easier to maintain and cheaper.

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