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The effects depend on the pharmaceutical drug.

Ideally, you would want a suspension that doesn't have any effects on its own.

Maybe you mean what are the implications of delivering drugs as a suspension instead of other methods?

A suspension is when you have a solid drug in a liquid delivery, but the solid is not dissolved. Instead, it is floating suspended in the liquid.

The advantage to this is that you are essentially administering a ground up tablet in a convenient liquid oral delivery.

One disadvantage is that the solid that is suspended can settle to the bottom, so it is important to always shake a pharmaceutical suspension before taking it.

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What are the uses of suspending agent?

In a pharmaceutical suspension, a suspending agent helps the drug stay in the body of your suspension thereby preventing caking at the bottom. One of the properties of a well-formulated suspension is that it can be easily resuspended by the use of moderate agitation.

What are Three properties of a good pharmaceutical suspension?

1. any sediment (solid material) which accumulates when stored is readily dispersed. 2. After gently shaking, the medicine stays in suspension long enough for a dose to be accurately measured 3. The suspension is pourable

What is pharmaceutical botany with taxonomy?

Pharmaceutical botany with taxonomy is the study of how plants of certain classifications can be used for their medicinal benefits. This type of study makes it possible to determine suspension, medicine flavoring, lasting effects, and manufacturing capabilities.

What is pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories?

it means developing area of any dosage form like tablet,capsule,syrup,suspension etc. in this laboratories they get the active ingredients and excepients from different suppliers and develops the new products this is called pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories................

What is the pharmaceutical application of suspension?

· Suspension is usually applicable for drug which is insoluble or poorly soluble. E.g.Prednisolone suspension· To prevent degradation of drug or to improve stability of drug.E.g. Oxytetracycline suspension· To mask the taste of bitter of unpleasant drug.E.g. Chloramphenicol palmitate suspension· Suspension of drug can be formulated for topical application e.g. Calamine lotion· Suspension can be formulated for parentral application in order to control rate of drugabsorption.· Vaccines as a immunizing agent are often formulated as suspension.E.g. Cholera vaccine· X-ray contrast agent are also formulated as suspension.E.g. Barium sulphate for examination of alimentary tract

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