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education is compulsory in France from 6 - 16

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2011-09-13 19:50:32
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Q: What are the ages for compulsory education in France?
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What age marks the end of compulsory education in the US?

In the United States of American, the end of compulsory education vary by a state to state basis. Kids start school from ages five to eight and finish compulsory education from ages sixteen to eighteen.

What choice did napoleon make to improve public education in France?

he made education compulsory.

Do french kids have to go to school?

Education is compulsory in France so yes.

What happened to literacy rates after primary education was made compulsory in France?

literacy rates increased

What is compulsory education?

Compulsory education is a requirement under law that children be provided be educated for some period of time. There is a link below to an article on compulsory education.

How long is college in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the word 'College' can be used to refer to an education institution at any level, and is most commonly used to refer to a high school /secondary school, and occasionally to a Tertiary institution (such as a University, Wananga, or Polytechnic or Trade School) or even to a particular department of a Tertiary institution.College is not used to refer to the level of education, rather to a name of a particular institution.Generally the ages and years spent attending for the different education levels are:Preschool ages 3-4 :2 years (not compulsory)Primary Education ages 5-12 :8 years (compulsory)Secondary Education ages 13-17 years old :5 years (compulsory up to age 16)Tertiary Education 18+ years old :courses can be anything from some months for a diploma to several years for a degree. A Bachelors degree is the shortest degree and takes 3 years (Tertiary education is not compulsory)

What is the number of Years of Compulsory Education in Chile?

There are 12 years of compulsory education in Chile, from 6 to 18 y.o.

What are the rights of a France citizen?

the right to get an education: schooling is compulsory until 16. At 18, you can vote and take the test to have a driving licence.

Is religious education compulsory in Australia?


When did education become compulsory?


What does compulsory education means?

the education is devied into 5 sections

What has the author Edmund James King written?

Edmund James King has written: 'Society, schools and progress in the U.S.A. by Edmund J. King' -- subject- s -: Education, Educational sociology, United States 'Education and Development in Western Europe - Addison-Wesley Series in Comparative and International Educa -' 'Post-compulsory education' -- subject- s -: Higher Education, Post compulsory education, Post-compulsory education, Vocational education 'World perspectives in education' -- subject- s -: Education 'Education and social change' -- subject- s -: Education, Educational sociology 'Post-compulsory education II' -- subject- s -: Higher Education, Post compulsory education, Vocational education 'The education of teachers' -- subject- s -: Comparative education, Teachers, Training of 'Communist education' 'Post Compulsory Education Ii H the Way Ahead - SSSEC -'

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