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Q: What are the answers for Pencils Paper and Friendship on reading plus?
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Where can you get SQA English past paper credit 2010 reading answers?

What is the material for non-wooden pencils?

Today, the most common material that is getting used for the outside of pencils other than wood is paper. China makes the outer portion of pencils out of recycled paper.

What is art made from?

paint paper crayons pencils

How do pencils and crayons work?

Pencils work when the graphite core of the pencil is rubber off onto the paper and crayons are just the wax rubbing off onto the paper.

How do you erase sharpie off of paper?

You can remove grease pencils with a paper towel or your finger.

What kind of pencils should I use for the SAT?

Paper Mate® Mates Mechanical Pencils, 1.3mm, Yellow Barrel

What are some thimgs that are thin?

feathers, paper, tissues, pencils

What are the equipment used by scientists to gather information?

A paper and a pencils

What do they make out of the used paper?

One very smart thing they make out of recycled paper is pencils.

How do you make a homemade compass without bending the paper clip with two pencils and a paper clip?

Put the paper clip on the paper. Hold the two pencils with the two pencil points on either side of the paper clip. Hold one pencil still then move the other to form a circle.

What is coexisting technology?

An older, simpler form of technology used in more situations such as paper, pens, pencils.

What does paper and pencil mean in math?

It means to use pencils and paper, rather than computers, or calculators.