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The antonyms for the word "tremble" primarily relate to stability and stillness. Some antonyms include:

• steady

• still

• calm

• composed

• cool

• collected

• unmoved

• unruffled

• imperturbable

• unflinching

• resilient

These words all describe a state of being that is free from trembling or shaking. They can be used to describe people, objects, and situations. For example, you might say:

• "The soldier stood steady, even under fire."

• "The water was still and calm."

• "She was composed and collected, even in the face of adversity."

• "He had an unruffled air, even when things were going wrong."

Antonyms of tremble can be used to create a sense of strength, composure, and control. They can also be used to highlight the contrast between a state of trembling and a state of calm.

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The definition of tremble to shake, or vibrate. Generally, this is associated with anxiety or fear. So, it is fairly easy to conclude that the antonyms to tremble are words like calm, or steady.

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Q: What are the antonyms of the word tremble?
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