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Supersonic waves are used in supersonic flights. They are also used in body scanning and used to detect faults in metal.

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Which of these is a characteristic of nonmetals

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Q: What are the applications of supersonic waves?
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What are supersonic waves?

Supersonic waves are waves that can travel faster than normal sound waves.

What is supersonic frequency?

Supersonic frequency is fast sound waves.

What is supersonic sound waves?

That's a sonic boom. Sound waves are never supersonic in themselves, objects can be supersonic ... which causes a pressure wave (which moves at "sonic" speeds) and which can be heard (firing a gun will do it).

Is bats produce supersonic sound waves?

the bats do not produce supersonic sounds.they produce ultrasonic sounds.Thats the reason we cant hear them

What is the difference between ultrasonic and supersonic waves?

Ultrasonic waves are those, whose frequencies are above the frequency range of human ears (normally 20kHz). Whereas supersonic waves are those, which travel faster than sound, i.e. whose velocity is more than the velocity of sound waves.

Bats can sense obstacles because they produce 1. supersonic sound waves 2. ultrasonic sound waves 3.infrasonic sound waves 4. micro Sound waves?

ultrasonic sound waves

What are the applications of infrared waves?

ding don

20 Applications of supersonic waves?

1. It is used for super speed flights like Concorde and other army planes. 2. it is used for making certain cars faster. 3. it is used for various body scans . 4. it is used for detecting cracks in metals.

Who is the company that makes supersonic televisions?


What is a hartman generator?

A Hartmann generator is an electronic device that produces shock waves. It does this on the edge of a nozzle using a supersonic gas resonate.

Why can bat hear much higher sounds than humans?

bats can hear sounds of higher frequency than humans (supersonic) because they produce them and these sound waves echo back to them by bouncing of items so that they can see how far something is. Just like in submarines. therfore they need to 'hear' these 'supersonic' waves to see.

What industrial applications have longitudinal waves?

Industries that have longitudinal waves are cell phones, radio stations, television stations, and other industries that use sound waves.

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