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Q: What are the appositive phrases of he sent her flowers a dozen red roses for her birthday?
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What is the appositive (My uncle Joe bought a dozen tulips.)?


What is the appositive in the sentence My uncle Joe bought a dozen tulips.?

The appositive in the sentence is "Joe," which renames or explains the noun "uncle."

What is the appositive phrase for my uncle Joe bought a dozen tulips?

"my uncle Joe" is the appositive phrase, renaming or identifying the subject "Joe."

What is the appositive for My Uncle Joe bought a dozen tulips?

There is no appositive in the sentence given.An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that renames another noun or pronoun just before it.An appositive is set off in a sentence with a comma before and after it.Examples of the sentence with appositive are:My uncle, Joe, bought a dozen tulips.The noun 'Joe' renames the noun phrase 'My uncle'.My Uncle Joe, a friendly fellow, bought a dozen tulips.The noun phrase 'a friendly fellow' renames the noun phrase 'my Uncle Joe'.The man, my Uncle Joe, bought a dozen tulips.The noun phrase 'my Uncle Joe' renames the noun phrase 'the man'.Note: The only other noun (tulips) or noun phrase (a dozen tulips) in the sentence is the direct object of the verb 'bought'. When a noun or noun phrase follows a direct object to rename it, it's called an object complement.Example: My Uncle Joe bought a dozen tulips, yellow ones.

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