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South America, Central America, and the Falkland Islands.

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How many countries are on the contient of south America?

In the actual continent there are 12 countries, but if central America is included, there are 19.

How countries are on continent South America?

13 countries are in south America

How many continents are on the continent of South America?

South America is one continent, and it does not have continents in it or on it because South America in itself is one big continent. There are countries in the continent of South America, but not continents.

How many independent countries are on the continent of South America?

There are 13 independent countries in South America.

To which state does South America belong to?

South America is a continent. There are several Countries in South America.

What continent has 11 countries?

the continent with the least number of countries is south America with11 countries

Who is the president of South America?

South America is a continent with many distinct countries.

What continent has 16 countries?

south America

What is the country south of south america?

There is no other country farther south. South America is the closest continent to Antarctica, a continent which has no established countries.

What are continents of Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country within a continent. The continent is South America. There are several other countries in South America.

How many countries is on the continent south America?

13 countries are part of South America. 12 actually on the continent, and the Falkland Islands making up the 13th.

List the areas that are included in the South American continent?

Central America, South America, and the Falkland Islands

Which continent has more countries South America or Africa?

Africa has more countries than South America. Africa-53 South America-13

French Guiana are countries of what continent?

South America

What continent in South America have democracy?

I do not understand this question: South America is already a continent, and at the moment, all countries are democratically governed.

Suriname and Guyana are countries on which continent?

Suriname and Guyana are on the continent of SOUTH AMERICA.

How many contries are on the continent of South America?

South America is made up of 12 countries.

How many countrties are on the continent of South America?

There are officially 13 independent countries in South America.

What is a continent Greenland Russia South America and Mexico?

Only South America qualifies as a continent. The rest (Greenland, Russia, Mexico) are countries.

What continent contains the countries of Brazilparaguay and Chile?

latin america and/or south america

Is North America playing in the olympics?

There are countries that in the Continent of North America that are in the Olympics, just as countries from the continents of South America, Europe, Asia and Australia are in the Olympics. North America is a Continent with many countries in it.

In which Continent are Argentina and Chile?

Argentina and Chile are both countries in the continent of South America.

What continent are Paraguay and Bolivia on?

They are both countries in South America.

Which continent has the most Spanish speaking countries?

South America.

Which continent can be found near the equator?

the countries of south america

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