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There's been some misunderstandings about IDX (Intact Dilation and Extraction) and the main one is that it's happening to a healthy fetus when it's viable. It's not. This is a procedure done on a dead or seriously damaged fetus that is not viable or will survive outside the womb (even when fully grown) or when the mother is so sick she can not push the dead/damaged fetus out. Getting the head out can be difficult if it's late in the pregnancy and certainly no reason why a woman should die, which is what will happen if the fetus can't come out. If the fetus is damaged and not viable or dead they will induce a heart attack first so the fetus is not alive when aborted. Doing this will also save the woman from having to go through a c-section, a big operation with many risks. If she already is ill from cancer etc, a big operation can cause her more serious harm.

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Q: What are the arguments for partial birth abortions?
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What has the supreme court ruled on the ban of partial-birth abortions?

Basically that it's illegal and you can read ALL of it in the link below.

Is partial birth abortions legal in Massachusetts in 2012?

The IDX method is not legal anywhere but can be used if there is no other way to get a dead fetus out.

What is FOCA?

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) would eliminate every restriction on abortion nationwide. FOCA will do away with state laws on parental involvement, on partial birth abortion, and on all other protections. FOCA will compel taxpayer funding of abortions. FOCA will force faith-based hospitals and healthcare facilities to perform abortions.

What are the chances of Getting pregnant after two abortions?

Dont know but maybe after having two abortions you should consider birth control of multiple natures

Is the ceaserian birth good after having 3 abortions?

Abortion have no influence on future births. The doctor wont care of you had abortions when making this decision.

Does South Korea have birth control?

Yes, they are called abortions, a swift kick to the vag and you are definitely "controlling" that birth.

Can you become pregnant after having two abortions and herpes?

Yes you should be able to. Unless you had complications after the abortions. Herpes does mean you have to have a c-section when giving birth.

Would you have a problem giving birth after 2 abortions?

Not necessarily; see a doctor!

Does Obama think all hospitals should provide abortions?

No, but birth control.

Explain three 3 world arguments for birth control and two 2 world arguments against birth control?

Religion, Morals, and health

Do Jehovah's Witness believe in abortions or birth control?

Abortions are viewed as violating the Bible's command to respect the sanctity of life since Jehovah's Witnesses believe life begins not at birth but at conception. Birth control that does NOT result in the destruction of a fertilized egg are perfectly acceptable to Jehovah's Witnesses, they have no religious prohibition to the use of birth control.

How can the government help prevent abortions?

Proper mandatory sex education for all and birth control.

Why did people want to start to do abortions?

Because they did not want to birth a child they did not want or could not care for.

How many particial birth abortions per year in USA?

Zero since the ban in 2003.

Will raising the costs of abortions a solution to prevent abortions?

No the cost is already a problem. That would only lead to more women having unsafe illegal abortions in a country where it is legal. Only rich people would afford it and it would become a class issue. That would be a disgrace. To prevent abortions you have to prevent unwanted pregnancies. That is where birth control and sex education comes in.

Is it unconstitutional to ban Partial Birth Abortions without providing for an exception to protect the health of the mother?

There is an exception. it is allowed after a medical board have approved it if there is no other way to get a dead baby out. There are other ways though since this procedure has always been used in the US and pretty much nowhere else.

What is a the best of all pies?

I'm partial to apple, myself. But I've heard very convincing arguments in favor of blueberry.

Can you ever get pregnant after abortions?

If the procedure is properly carried out, yes - further pregnancies are possible. You have mentioned "abortions" - more than one. Repeated abortions reduce the likelihood of future pregnancies, but they don't rule it out altogether. However, it is best all round if the persons involved use a better form of birth-control. Abortions can put the woman's life at risk.

Does planned parenthood perform abortions?

Some of the clinics do perform medical abortions but the majority do not. They deal with birth control and other services more. Of the clinics that do perform abortions it's only 3% of all their total services. The other 97% is made up of other health services.Some clinics, far from all, offer abortions and mostly medical ones. If you look at their website you see all their services and what clinics who offer what service in all the US. Abortions is a very small part of their services.

What countries have legalized abortions?

The UK has legalized Abortions.

What race of women have the abortions?

All races have abortions.

Do they perform abortions at 8 months pregnant?

No. Only if the fetus is dead or have severe health issues. It would be premature birth.

Is It possible to be pregnant after 2 abortions?

There is always a chance of pregnancy. The only birth control that is 100% of not getting pregnant is abstinence.

Can abortions cause birth defects?

... Abortion causes the babies to die, I kinda think that might be worse than a defect...

How Many Abortions can you get before you have to have the baby?

There is no number to fill in the blank with. If you are getting early first trimester medical abortions and being seen by an MD your chance of damage to your reproductive organs is slight. If you have multiple late abortions you are playing a game of chance, like Russian Roulette. One day you may decide you want a baby and find yourself unable to conceive. Why not prevent the abortions by using reliable birth control.