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About $196.00

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Q: What are the average prices for a Major League Baseball ticket?
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What Major League Baseball tean has the highest average tickett prices?

As of 2010, the MLB team with the highest average ticket price is the Chicago Cubs.

Is there a league table for premier league season ticket prices?

Yes. But no prize for the winners

What were movie ticket prices in 1988?

3.50 _________________________ The average price of a ticket in 1988 was $4.11.

Prices in 1985 for a movie ticket?

The average price for a movie ticket in 1985 was $3.55.

What was the prices of a movie ticket in the 1929?

The average price of a movie ticket in 1929 was 35 cents.

What is the price of a ticket to a Major League Baseball game?

The prices will vary from different stadiums, but its mainly based on the seat you want. As you may have expected the prices rise the closer to the field or home plate you get.

How much did a baseball ticket cost in 1950?

According to, the average Major League baseball ticket price in 1950 was $1.60.

What movie prices in 1978 on avg?

The average price of a movie ticket in 1978 was $4.74.

What are the average movie ticket prices?

8 bucks 10 pounds 7 dolars

Cost of a movie ticket in 1954?

The average movie ticket cost about 70 cents for adult in 1954. Matinee ticket prices were about 45 cents for adults.

How much did tickets cost in 1910?

Believe it or not, the average ticket to a baseball game in the year 1910 only cost $0.07. This is a far cry from the high prices of 2014.

What is average price of world series ticket?

About 15-20 times the regular season prices.

What are the prices of Houston Texans tickets?

The average price for a Houston Texans ticket is $86.39 in 2013. The cheapest ticket is $41.50. The most expensive ticket for a game in Houston is $145.00.

How much does a ticket cost if you are going to a nfl game?

Ticket prices obviously vary team by team. The better the team, the higher the ticket prices. I'd say on average a seat costs around $60. For example, if you were looking at trying the get tickets for this week's Dolphins/Jets game, I see ticket prices ranging from $60 to $500+

How much was a pro baseball game ticket in 1920?

on average $1.60

What was the average price of a matchday ticket for a Premier League game last season?

I do not know the average for matchday but for a mid season, season ticket (so half a year) the average price was around £700.

What is the average price of an NBA ticket?

The low prices are around $10 for the high up seats while the season ticket court-side seats are around $2000-$5000 a season. In between there is about the average price of a $75.50 ticket a game.

Which major league baseball team has the most season ticket holders?

Boston red sock

How much does the average baseball ticket cost in 1995?

300 dollars a person

Where can one find information about baseball fights ticket?

The easiest place to find tickets and information about baseball fights tickets is at the ticketmaster website. They have all current schedules and ticket availability information and prices.

How much are the FIFA world cup ticket prices?

This year, ticket prices range from round about £85-£120.

What is the average price of a Major League Baseball ticket?

Depends on the team's popularity. If you went to a Red Sox or a Dodger game, the tickets would cost about 75 dollars on average. If you went to an Orioles or a Pirates game, the average cost would be about 50 dollars.

What was the average cost of a movie ticket in 1979?

in the U.S. the average price for a movie ticket was $2.47. copy and paste this web address in the address bar and it will give you loads more ticket prices in the years 1948-2008. Hope that helped. Bye!

Where can you find train ticket prices?

guwahati to jalandhar train ticket price

How much is a ticket from Durban to port Elizabeth?

The cost of a ticket from Durban to Port Elizabeth will vary depending on the day and time of travel. Prices generally will be on average of $300.00-$500.00 in cost.