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An ECG (Electrocardiogram), or an EKG (Elektrokardiogramm) works by measuring electrical potential between various points of the body using a galvanometer (a very sensitive voltage meter). -DJ Craig

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Q: What are the basic electronics of an ECG machine?
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What is the importance of Electronics in hospital?

The electronics equipment which are scanners and other tool like ECG machine and other machines are controlled or operate on the electronic principle . So we can say that the electronics technology play a big role in the field of medicine also.

What to do if the ECG machine malfunction?

If the ECG machine malfunctions you will need to redo the test. You can try unplugging the machine and replugging it to see if that resets the system.

What is ecg machine?

An ECG or EKG machine is a machine that allows the heart to be studied.The machine records the electrical activity with in the heart.ECG means Electyocardiograph

Which is the basic and easiest book of electronics?

basic electronics. g.t. publication.

What is the difference between an ecg machine and an ekg machine?

Both ECG and EKG machines are the same thing - ECG and EKG are simply 2 words for the same thing. This comes about because EKG is short for electrocardiography, but the greek root for "cardio" is "kardia".

What is the name of the instrument that measures heartbeat?

An ECG (Electrocardiography) machine.

What is the use of an ECG machine?

To show how the electrical activity of the heart is working.

What type of device helps in measuring brain pulse?

an ecg machine

What is the cause for smeared trace of ECG machine?


Who is the first inventor of the ecg machine?

Willem Einthoven Invented the accurate ECG using Strings Galvonometer, but Alexander Muirhead made the first prototype.

What is the importance of standardizing an ECG machine?

standardization is important because it helps to determine whether the machine is set and working properly or not.

How do you use an ecg machine?

Only trained professionals should administer a ECG test. The test is used to detect if a patient has any abnormal heart beat rhythms.

What does Vb stand for in electronics?

Visual basic

What is meant by basic electronics?

a simple circuit

What does the medical abbreviation ECG mean?

It stands for "electrocardiogram", a basic read-out of the function of the heart muscle.

What is electronics machine?

Any machine with the majority of its functionality implemented with electronic circuits.

What is the basic of electronics components?

The most Basic or Simple electronic component is the resistor capacitor.

What are the basic tools and instruments used in electronics?

the basic tools and instrument used in electricity

Where can one find a free online course in basic electronics?

"Electronics Theory" offers an online basic course for free. Open Culture also offers free courses on electronics and on other subjects from universities around the world.

Basic difference in electrical and electronics?

A: ELECTRICAL is the study of electron flow ELECTRONICS is the study of electrons emission

Which is the best text book for study basic electronics in india?

Principles of electronics : v k mehta

What is the basic difference between electronics and electrical?

ELECTRICAL is the study of electron flow ELECTRONICS is the study of electrons emission

Is a laptop an electric device or machine?

It is an electrical-electronics device.

What has the author Lawrence A Johannsen written?

Lawrence A. Johannsen has written: 'Basic electronics' -- subject(s): Electronics

What has the author Alfred A Lease written?

Alfred A. Lease has written: 'Basic electronics' -- subject(s): Electronics